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you might.

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Q: If you can run fast would you jump high?
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Math in athelitics?

How fast you run, how far you throw, how high/far you jump.........

How fast do ticks grow?

Ticks don't jump. They grab on to passing fur with their forelegs.

Would you survive an attack from Doodle?

Doodle jump. [farfan voice] NO! You run. Fast.

How fast doe the giant jumping rat of Madagascar run?

It probably won't run to get away from a preditor, it will jump a meter high to get away.

How do you escape off a dinosaur inhabited island?

Hmm.. Run fast, jump high, and swim like there is no tommorrow.

How do you ump high with the Bo Staff red dragon island?

In order to jump high you need a running start. You have to run as fast as you can then click your mouse for a high jump.Hope it helped!

What powers does the hulk have?

he is the strongest super hero , he can jump high , run fast , his power and stamina are infinity because when he is madder he will be stronger

How has a deer adapted its habitat?

Deer have adapted to be able to run very fast and jump high. They also eat at night, when there are fewer humans around.

What do horses learned?

Horses learn how to jump and run as fast as they could.

How do you run fast in cross fire the game?

You can double jump, which you can do by jumping a lot (run and jump, then jump right before you hit the ground. It takes practice but you go faster). Also run with the knife or pistol.

How do you move up floors for the PC game icy tower?

There is many ways to move up floors in icy tower. The easiest way is to just push the space bar and jump to the next platform, or you can run at the wall and jump. You can also do a high cart wheel jump but you have to run pretty fast.

Side affects of smoking grass?

I tried it and my right leg was felling weird. But the funny thing was that i could run fast and jump high but that is what happened to me so?... COOKIES!