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yes. if you run a world record time at the Olympics it is recorded as both the world record and the olympic record.

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Q: If you brake an world record at the Olympics do you brake the olynpic record record?
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Can you set a world record at the Olympics?


What is the world record for eventing Olympics?

it is the u.s.a

Did Beatrice Faumuina ever brake a world record?


What does OR mean in the Olympics results?

It means Olympic Record,and WO means world record.

Which is the largest award in sports?

probably Olympics or a world record

Does a world record at the Olympics become the Olympic record also?

Yes, it automatically replaces the current Olympic record.

Who got the world record ing gymnastics in the Olympics?

the person who got the world record was a girl called nadia comaneci

How many world records did Michael Phelps brake in Beijing?

whos record did Michel phelps brake?

What year did women's swimming in the Olympics have no world records?

In 1967 nobody got a world record

In the Olympics who holds the World and Olympic high jump record?

World Record: Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45m Olympic Record: Charles Austin (USA) 2.39m

When did Usain Bolt brake the world record?

usain bolt beat asafa powells record in 2008 and still holds the record

What is the woman's world long jump record?

As of 2012, before the Olympics, the world record is 7.52 meters, set by Galina Chistyakova in 1988.

What is the difference between Olympic Record and World Record?

Olympic Records are set at the Olympics and World Records occur at any international competition

Who holds the world record for the 40 yard dash?

they don't do yards in the Olympics

Who is the world record holder for men's curling in the Olympics?

i dont know really

Who set world record for 400 meters in 1968 Olympics?

Lee Evans.

World record in mens 100m sprint at 2008 Olympics?

Usain Bolt

First Olympics world record?

Nadia Comaneci set a world record in the year 1984. Her record was being the first Olympian to score a perfect 10 out of 10 score in her event.

How much does a athlete get paid for breaking a world record at the Olympics?

Olympic athletes are not paid.

What was the world record in the 200m mens sprint before the Beijing Olympics?

19.32 seconds

Which country was hosting the Olympics when natalya lisovskaya set the world record?

Moscow, Canada

What does Olympic Best record mean?

That means that person has the best record for a specific sport at the Olympics. It is contrasted with the World Record, which is the fastest or best ever. It is entirely possible for them to be the same. The World record will always be better or the same as the Olympic Record.

Fastest time ever in the olympics?

usain bolt broke the record. his record was 9.63 the fastest man in the world and his coming faster.

Who is the record holder for the 400 meters Olympics?

The world record is currently held by Michael Johnson of USA, who ran it in 43.18 seconds

What is the world record for 100m freestyle?

In the Beijing Olympics, French swimmer Alain Bernard broke the world record of the 100m freestyle in the men's division with a time of 46.9seconds