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You can use any club, anywhere. You could hit a putter off the tee or out of a bunker even though you probably wouldn't. Likewise you can use any club on the green, some players even pitch the difficult pin positions.

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Q: If you are still on the fairway but close enough to the hole is it illegal to use your putter?
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What sport needs putter?

Golf needs a putter. It is a club used when close to the hole to tap the ball in.

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Can a conventionsl putter anchored against any part of body like a Belly putter?

Although it's controversial at the moment, the rules of golf do not prohibit anchoring your putter against any part of your body. Keegan Bradley was the first winner of a Major championship with a belly putter, and although a long putter (anchored in either the sternum or under the chin) has not yet won a Major, they have come close. Adam Scott finished tied second for the 2011 Masters with his sternum-anchored putter. You ask about a conventional putter and anchoring that to a part of your body and you may be interested to look at Bernhard Langer who won the 1993 Masters anchoring and cured his yips by anchoring the top of the putter shaft onto his left arm with his right hand. So, in summary, anchoring the putter to any part of your body is for the moment legal under the R & A and USGA rules.

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