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In the game of Eight Ball, when you have pocketed your other balls and are shooting at the eight ball (your last ball), if you accidentally pocket your opponents ball(s) you DO NOT lose the game. However, your opponent's ball(s) remain pocketed and your turn is over.

If the cue ball didn't strike your object ball first (the eight / black ball in this case), then the shot may be considered a foul and your opponent may get "ball in hand" (choice of cue ball position) for his next shot. This depends on the specific rules you play by, though.

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Q: If you are on the black ball in pool and you get somebody elses ball in do you lose?
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What happens when you miss the black ball in pool?

you dont lose its only if you sink the white after hitting the black ball

Do you lose if you sink your ball then the 8 black ball?

I believe so but I am not the best pool player...

Do you lose if you sink the white ball after the black ball go in?

yes, if you sink the white ball, leaving the eight ball on the table it is considered an automatic loss.

If you sink the white ball before the black ball goes in do you still lose?

Any foul on the black which still includes the black being potted results in automatic loss of frame.

If the white ball goes in after the black ball in pool?

Any foul when shooting on the black is an automatic loss for the player who fouled.If the white follows the black in, then you lose in any case.the person who pots the white and black ball at the same time loses.

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What happens if you sink the white while on the black ball in pool?

It is considered a scratch and if you scratch with no balls left to pocket other than the eight (black) ball then you do in fact lose because a scratch on the eight ball does result in a loss.

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Why is it when you have just the 8 ball left and the other player has 4 or 5 balls left you lose?

we ll be having only 7 balls... n the 8th ball that is black is common for both... if we pot the black ball by mistake the opponent wins...

When you make the eight ball in your last turn first and then the white ball bounces and make your apponents last ball in do you win or lose?

If the player makes the black ball in in their last shot and white ball bounces and makes their apponent last ball they still win now if the player makes an apponets ball in first and the black goes in he losses

Do you lose if you scratch on last ball before the 8 ball?

Yes if you make in the last ball and then scratch, you lose and the game is over.

When playing standard 8 ball if you hit the 8 ball in for the win but also accidentally hit your opponent's ball in do you still win?

No. It is a foul; a foul on a pocketed black means that you actually lose the game.

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If you are on your last colored ball in pool and then you get the white ball in so on your next go you would be trying to hit the black ball would you lose?

In eight-ball, if you pocketed your last colored ball and then got the white ball in (a "Scratch"), in the same shot, then No, you would not lose the game. It would be considered a foul shot, meaning your turn would be over. Also, depending on which rules you go by, your opponent may have "ball in hand" (choice of cue ball placement) for his next shot. However, if you were shooting at the eight (black) ball and scratch (pocket the cue ball), it would be considered a loss.

What happens if you pot a ball then the black in same shot?

In pool, you lose the rack. In snooker, it's a foul and seven points to your opponent.

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What if you miss the 8 ball while playing 8 ball?

you lose

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A personal foul where no team has control of the ball

When you are playeing pool and you have 1 ball left and the 8 ball and you hit your last ball in and also the 8 ball?

That is lose of game.

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Do you lose the game if while shooting at the 8 ball you put oponents ball in the pocket before the 8 ball?


Do you lose if you scratch after hitting the 8 ball in pool but are not on that ball yet?

No you don't. You give away two shots to your opponent, but you don't lose the rack.

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Do you lose the game if you shoot an opponents ball in and also the eight ball in the game of pool?

if you shoot a ball in to another opponents basket you give them a point and if you hit the eight ball first you lose the game if its at the end of the game you win

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