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No , your King must be out of check . You can block a check with another piece - that piece in turn can place your opponent's King in check ,

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Q: If you are in check in a game of chess can you get out of check by putting the other player in check?
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Can you kill a king in the game of chess?

Yes and no. If the king is in check then you are in the position to kill it but, the other player must move him out of check. If the king is in checkmate, then you have won the game and the other player can't move.

Can you kill your men in chess?

No you cannot kill your own piece. The closest to killing your own men is just putting them in a position where the other player can easily get you.

Do you have to say check in chess?

no, but it messe with the other guy

What is the move called when a king and another king are next to each other in a game of chess?

There is no such move, as it would be illegal. There is no way for two kings to be next to each other, as it would mean putting themselves into check.

Can a player in chess put themself in checkmate by move a piece that in front of king exposing his king to other players piece?

The rules of chess does not allow exposing your king to check at any time - regardless of circumstance .

Where does the player go that reaches the other side of the chess board?

Reaching the end of the chess-board is only significant to the pawn who then can be promoted to any chess piece other than the King .

How do you win a chess game?

You have to move your player so that your partners KING isin a place where you can capture it. This is called CHECK MATE. If the the other player is unable to protect its king by the time it is your turn, you win!!!

What happens in chess if the king moves into a position which it can be hit?

if the king moves into a position which it can be hit and the player has taken his fingers of the chess piece than the other player (if they have a chess piece that can hit the king) can hit the king

How many pices are on one side of the chess borad?

There are 16 chess pieces on side of a chess board. Each player receives the same number of pieces and must eliminate the other player's king to win.

In chess if player 1 can't make any other moves on the board but his king and in every direction his king can move he put's him in check what is this called?

If the player to move is unable to, it is stalemate, and the game is a draw.

Can a rook check a king in chess?

The Rook can , as any piece other than the opposing King , can check a King .

Can a king attack the opponents king in chess?

No - If you moved close enough to do so you would be putting your king in check and you are not allowed to move your king into check. Another Answer: You may not make any move with the King (or any other piece for that matter) that will put it in jeopardy, there fore the answer is no.

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