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Ask Michael Jordan for advice of joining NBA.

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Q: If you are a very good basketballer but play in Nigeria how can you realize the dream of getting a deal to play in the USA?
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What happens if you dream of death?

You wake up and realize it was just a dream

How do you dream what you want to dream?

If you realize that you're in a dream while you're in a dream, you can make anything you want happen.

How often do you dream?

It is believed that people dream every night, whether or not we realize it.

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you can realise that you are in a dream like when flying in a dream you cant do that in realty!

Which country did the slave of the poem the slave's dream belong to?


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had a dream someone was getting out of jail

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When you realize that, what u saw in sleep, has not happened in reality, after u wake up

How can you make yourself realize that you're in a dream?

You may be able to realize you are dreaming if you wake up suddenly, and are startled or scared. If something in the dream is not realistic or could actually occur, it means you are dreaming as well.

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Beneatha's dream is to become a doctor. She also wants to help people in Nigeria, Assaigai's homeland.

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We all have dreams like this. Realize that it's just a dream and relax.

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If a little dream is dangerous, dream much more, dream all the time.

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ANSWER 1 try , try & try your dream will come true one day ANSWER 2 To realize your dream WHAT TO DO - Plan your work and work out your plan. Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. There is no substitute for planned hard work. WHAT NOT TO DO-Don't sleep off hoping to realize dreams.

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When you finally realize that the one you dream of does not want you.

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Realize and live your dream. Get inspired. Inspire others.

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When you dream that your husband is getting distant to you then it means that there could be a strain in your relationship.

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Fiscal Autonomy in Nigeria is a dream, there is no fiscal autonomy, the Federal Government hold all power and the president is almost as powerful as the monarch of an absolute monarchy.

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some people will realize that they are dreaming while the dream is happening. This is called?

Lucid Dreaming

Some people will realize that they are dreaming while the dream is happening this called?

Lucid Dreaming

What does it mean when you dream of people singing and your crush is in your dream but not singing?

It means (in your dream) that he likes you, or is admiring you. He sticks out from the crowd because he's not singing, and he's watching you. He may or may not realize you noticed him

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You Want A Relationship

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The dream expresses your feeling that you are putting in effort without getting any benefit from that effort. The dream is a literal depiction of the expression, "I'm not getting anywhere." The dream might refer to your efforts to succeed at work, or to advance a relationship, or some other aspect of your life.

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If you would like to lucid dream, you should start trying to remember your "normal" dream after you wake up. The purpose of this is: If you can't remember regular dreams, there isn't any way you'll be able to remember if you had a lucid dream. All lucid dreaming really is is being conscious of your surroundings while in a dream. If you can realize that you are in a dream while in your dream, you will become lucid. There are hundreds of different ways to learn to lucid dream. The most commonly used one is asking yourself throughout the day if you are in a dream. Chances are, if you do this in your dream out of habit, you will realize that you ARE dreaming, and become lucid.

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It means you are having a bad dream! When you wake up realize that it was only a dream and move on.