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Yes, usually they have different age groups for tumbling classes. But it depends, i suggest to ask the gymnastics place if you really want to do gymnastics!

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Q: If you're at the age of thirteen can you still do tumbling without the little kids?
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Can you still tumble with a mild ankle sprain?

You can, but if you want your ankle to heal quickly then you really should rest it. A sprain is painful, and tumbling will hurt. Plus depending on the intensity of your tumbling, some tumbling (like back-handsprings or tucks) require the tumbler to have strong ankles. When your ankle is sprained, it is not at its full strength. So you need to be careful, because tumbling with your sprained ankle could lead to more injuries. I really suggest that you rest your ankle, put as little weight on it as possible, use ice and heat when needed, wrap it, and give it time. When the pain and swelling goes down a little, start tumbling little by little. You'll be back to tumbling in no time, though, so don't worry. A sprain takes much less time to heal than a fracture does.

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I went through the EXACT same thing. For me, it took about 5 months for me to try back walkovers on beam again and all the back tumbling. I was never a fan of back tumbling.

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