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I dont know if this answers your question, But the bat does effect the distance and speed of the ball. Normally, the bigger bat you have (weight and inches) the ball will travel faster and farther. I play softball, and sometimes the coach will reccommend a bigger and heavier bat for the person.( X

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Q: If weight and size of a affect the speed of the softball then the ball will travel faster at what distance?
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Does the swing velocity of a bat affect the distance the ball will travel?

Yes. Faster = farther.

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Dose the wind have an effect on the distance a softball can travel?

yes..."As a softball flies through the air, the air pushes back against it, resisting its motion and decreasing the distance the ball travels."...that is why

How far must bunted ball go in fastpitch softball?

It simple has to be in fair territory there is no distance it has to travel.

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Is a softball pitched at 68 mph the same as a baseball pitched at 98?

No...If the softball was pitched from a distance of 43 feet it is equivalent to a ball thrown just over 95 mph from a distance of 60' 6" which is the pitching distance in major league baseball. If the 68 mph pitch was thrown from 40 feet then it is equal to a 102 plus mph pitch at 60 feet 6 inches. Because speed is the relevance of time and distance then a ball thrown from 2 different distances and takes the same amount of time to travel each distance means the further of which will have to travel faster to cover more distance.

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How does a softball player use math?

By calculating the the speed and the amount of power you put into hitting the ball will determine the distance the ball will travel

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Yes the wind will play a part in the distance a football will travel. The stronger the breeze the further it will travel.

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