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Q: If we get red card how many games cant we play?
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Do i need a memory card to play games?

yes you do without the memory card you cant save games you play

Do the computer have a problem if you cant play some games with high graphics?

The computer likely needs an updated video card. Older cards can't play newer games.

How do you put games into sandisk memory card if you already have it in your computer and want to put it into another computer and play?

haha u cant!

Can you play advance games on the dsi from the sd card?

NO. Sorry, but it really stinks that you cant do it even without an SD card. They took to Dual Slot function out which means you still need a DS to play GBA games and to receive certain Pokemon such as Charizard on Platinum

What is a game that you can play alone?

There are many games you can play alone. Many video games are designed to play alone. Solitaire is a card game you can play by yourself. Hopscotch is an outdoor game you can play alone. There are also many board games like Bananagrams you can play alone.

Why don't they play card games in Africa?

Because there are too many "CHEETAH'S"

How do you play a card games?

By playing it

Is the NVIDIA GeForce 9600gt a good graphics chip for gaming?

Its a decent graphics card for gaming but its not designed to play games at Full HD and 1080p you can still play the games currently released but its not future proofed for next years games in other words You can still play games but not at its best and it cant last long

How do you play iso games on psp?

you cant

How do you play playstation1 games on a playstation2?

you cant

Can you play PSP games on ps2?

no you cant because their to different systems designs so no you cant sorry.

What is casino in Monaco?

A Casino is a place where you can play many games of skill and chance, various card games, roulette, etc.