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Both teams win!!

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Q: If two little league teams are tied who wins?
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What is strength of victory in the NFL?

That is the 5th tie breaker used by the NFL in breaking ties to determine a division winner and the 4th or 5th tie breaker used in breaking ties to determine a wild card winner (4th if 2 teams are tied and 5th if 3 or more teams are tied). The total wins and losses of the teams the tied teams defeated are added up and whichever tied team defeated teams with the higher combined winning percentage wins the tie breaker.

What NFL teams have six Super Bowl wins?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only National Football League team to win six Super Bowls. The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers are tied for second place with five wins each.

What are 5 most winning college football teams without winning a national championship?

1. West Virginia University 664 Wins 2(Tied). Miami (OH) University 648 Wins 2(Tied). Virginia Tech 648 Wins 4. North Carolina 631 Wins 5. Navy 625 Wins

Who has the most playoff wins in the NFL history?

The most playoff wins in NFL history is 33. There are two teams tied for wins and they are the Dallas Cowboys (1967-2009) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (1972-2010).

How does a football team win the division?

By having more wins than the other teams. If the records are tied, then it goes to whoever has the best record against other teams in the conference.

Who are the top ten teams with the most world series wins?

Yankees giants cardinals athletics Dodgers tigers red sox pirates reds (multiple teams tied for tenth)

Is there a sudden death in soccer?

Yes, it is when, after a shootout, if both teams are tied, you go into a "Sudden Death" round, which i where the first team that scores wins.

How many epl teams qualify for the champions league if the same team wins the league and f a cup?

Four clubs are chosen each year.

What nFC teams won Super Bowl?

As of the 2007 season, the Cowboys and 49ers are tied with the most Super Bowl wins for an NFC team with 5.

How do you play the final if you have three teams tied in first place?

it will break down to wins and losses against each other then +/- runs, then a round robin.

Who has the Second most World Series wins in the American league?

The Oakland Athletics have the second most world Series titles of American League Teams with 9

Who is tied with Pittsburgh with five Super Bowl wins?

Pittsburgh has 6 superbowl wins which is the record. San Francisco and Dallas are tied with 5 wins.

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