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There used to be an 18 hole play off, but now it is a sudden death play off, usually starting at the 18th.

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Q: If their is a tie in the masters is it a 18 hole playoff?
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Who won a 3 way 18 hole playoff to become The Masters' first back-to-back champion?

Nick Faldo

What happends when two people win in golf?

When two or more people end up tied for the lead in a professional golf tournament, there is what as known as a playoff. The playoff is usually a sudden death one hole playoff, with the winner being the person who has the lowest score on that particular hole, if the scores are tied the process continues until the tie is broken. In the men's major championships there are different ways of breaking ties. In The Masters it is a sudden death playoff, in The US Open it is an 18 hole Monday playoff, in The Open it is a four hole playoff and the USPGA Championship is a 3 hole playoff. In Amateur golf, say at your club at the weekend, ties are usually broken with the best nett score on the back 9, then best back 6,3,2 or 1 depending on how close it is.

What is the playoff system of the masters?

sudden death on hole 18 then 10 if required....repeated until winner

How many holes in British Open?

4 rounds of 18 for those who make the cut, then 4 playoff holes if there is a tie, then a sudden death playoff if a tie still exists.

Which three golfers were involved in an 18 hole playoff in the 1994 US Open?

Held at Oakmont, there was an 18 hole playoff between Ernie Els, Colin Montgomery and Loren Roberts. Els and Roberts shot 74 in the playoff, so Montgomerie with a 78 was eliminated. Then Els defeated Roberts on the 2nd sudden death playoff hole.

How does a golf play off work?

The simplest form of a play off is a sudden death playoff, whoever has the highest score on a hole is eliminated, if the scores are tied the playoff continues until someone is eliminated. The tournament committee is responsible for which hole they choose, it can be the easiest hole or it can be the hardest hole, but usually it is the 18th. In the US Open it is an 18 hole playoff, in the Open it is a 4 hole sudden death playoff.

Who won last year's US Open Golf?

Curtis Strange and Nick Faldo tied on 6 under after 72 holes. In the 18 hole play off, Strange beat Faldo 71 to 75.

What hole do theystart the overtime at the masters golf?

18. Then they go to 10, then 11 and so on.

If you are playing a round and at the end of 18 holes you are tied due to your 5 stroke handicap - do you go to the first hole and give another 5 strokes or do you play square?

According to the USGA Handicap Manual, "Rule 33-6 empowers the committee in charge of the competition to determine how and when a halved match or a stroke play tie is decided. The decision should be published in advance." So there's no firm answer to your question. The USGA recommends that the handicap be assigned in proportion to the number of holes being played in the tie breaking playoff. In other words, if it was a 9 hole playoff you would get half of your five (three, they recommend round up 1/2 strokes). If it was a four hole playoff. you would get 5*4/18, which would be one. You should use your handicap allowance. The handicapping is used on the stroke index of the hole. If your first hole was stroke index 2 you would get a shot.

Who was the runnerup to Jack Nicklaus in the 1966 Masters?

After four rounds of the 1966 Masters Jack Nicklaus, Gay Brewer, and Tommy Jacobs were tied at even par 288. An 18 hole playoff on Monday saw Nicklaus shoot 70 and win the tournament with Jacobs shooting a 72 and Brewer shooting a 78. Nicklaus won $20,000 (compare that to the 2008 winner's $1.35 million), Jacobs won $12,300 and Brewer won $8,300.

How long did 2008 US Open last?

There was the standard 4 rounds, then Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate were tied so they played an 18 hole playoff on Monday and were still tied, so they went to a 19th hole where Tiger Woods won.

What type of golf course does Citywest Hotel have?

Citywest Hotel has a full golf resort, with two 18-hole golf courses, woodland, water, and lakeland. Both the Irish Masters and the Irish Ladies Masters have been held there.