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probally brass or somthing that looks similar to real gold like fools gold

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Q: If the world cup trophy is 75 percent gold what is the other 25 percent?
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Does the winning team keep the world cup trophy or does it rotate around as other team win?

No. They get a gold plated replica, FIFA keeps the original.

What is the FIFA World Cup trophy made of?

Solid Gold

What happens when you get 100 percent everything in Littlebigplanet?

You get 100% collector trophy (Silver but should be gold)

Do you get a trophy when you win world cup?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy has a malachite base with humans holding up the world. It is made of 18 caret gold.

Is ICC world cup 2011 trophy made of gold?

ICC world cup 2011 is made of gold and silver

Why is there a hole in the world cup trophy?

To save the gold and f.i.F.A money.

Which country gold used to make FIFA world cup trophy?

It could be gold from South Africa.

When was Schweppes Gold Trophy created?

Schweppes Gold Trophy was created in 1963.

What is a cup made from?

The FIFA World Cup trophy is made of gold.

What is the material of icc 2011 world cup trophy?

It has a height of 60 cm. The ICC Champions trophy is made up of materials like gold , silver. The trophy has a globe made up of gold and this globe is held up like hands by 3 rods made up of silver

How do you get gold trophy on binweevil?

You go to dirt valley and if you get a really fast race then you get a gold trophy

What is the prize offered at the World Cup?

The team which wins the World Cup receives the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The trophy, first introduced in 1983, is made of 18 karat gold and has a malachite base.