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The sun is about 864,327 miles in diameter. Venus is about 7,521 miles in diameter, or 0.00870156781 the diameter of the sun. A regulation Basketball is about 9" in diameter, so multiplying 0.00870156781 by 9" we get just under 2 millimeters. 2 mm is about the thickness of a nickel, or the size of a small apple seed or large grain of sand.

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Q: If the sun was the size of a basketball how big is Venus?
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What is the size of the earth and sun?

About 1 million earths would fit in the sun if the sun were hollow. If Earth was the size of a basketball, the sun would be as big as a basketball court.

How big is the sun then Venus'?

The Sun is 113 times larger than Venus. You could fit around 1,442,897 Venus's inside the Sun

How big is Venus's in relation to the sun?

The Sun is around 113 times larger than Venus. You could fit about 1,443,000 Venus' inside the Sun.

What is the size of Venus compared to the sun?

Venus is much smaller than the Sun. The diameter of Venus is about 12,104 kilometers, while the Sun's diameter is about 1.4 million kilometers. This means that the Sun is about 116 times larger in diameter than Venus.

How does Venus compare to the Sun in size?

It's smaller.

If the sun was 3000 mm how big would Venus be?

about 26mm

How big would the sun appear from Venus?

The Sun would appear about 1/3 smaller from Venus compared to how it appears from Earth. This is because Venus is closer to the Sun than Earth, so its diameter is larger in the sky when viewed from Venus.

What is the 2nd planet from the sun?

The 2nd planet from the sun is Venus. It is often referred to as Earth's "sister planet" due to similarities in size and composition. Venus is known for its thick and toxic atmosphere, making it the hottest planet in our solar system.

are mars and venus orbits the same size?

No. No two planets have the same size orbit. Mars orbits the sun at more than twice the distance that Venus does.

What common objects would the scaled sun and planets be similar in size?

sun: basketball Jupiter: ball of yarn but a big one Uranus:huge gravel or small rock the rest bigger to smaller marbles

Which two planets are most similar in size and distance from the sun?

Venus and Earth

If the earth was the size of the ball in a ball point pen what would be about the size as the sun?

a basketball (or pretty close)