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it is the striking batsman who ran

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Q: If the striking batsman hits the ball and runs arriving to the non striking batsman's crease but the non striking batsman never leaves his crease who is out if the striker wicket is hit by the ball?
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Can you have a stumping and a run out at the same time in cricket?

No reason why not. If the keeper stumps the batsman at the striker's end then throws the ball to the bowler to whip the bails off at the other end with the non-striking batsman out of his crease, then they're both out.

What does the sports term striker mean?

In cricket, During an innings two batsmen from the team bat; the batsman facing the current delivery from the bowler is denoted the striker, while the other batsman is the non-striker.

What is the verb for striker?

The verb for striker is strike.Other verbs are strikes, striking and struck.Some example sentences are:"I will strike a grade from your test"."He strikes him over the head"."We are striking our enemies with missiles"."He struck me in the eye with a damp teabag".

When a batsman asks for 123 or 4 when he is taking guard at the crease what does he mean?

I think he asks the umpire or the batsman at the non-striker end that how many bowls have been bowled in the over.

What is the distance from the bowler to the batsman on a cricket pitch?

It's 22 yards between the striker and non strikers end.

What is mean by 'leg gully' in the Cricket?

Close leg side field-position behind the batsman's wicket of the striker end.It is a fielding position square to batsmen.

A striker in cricket?

Strikers are only in soccer and occasionally hockey, depends where you are from. In cricket, people often refer to someone hitting the ball as "They are striking the ball". Z

Two batsmans each on 94 7 runs required to win in 2 balls both make unbeaten 100 how?

There are two ways it could happen. Both depend on the first batsman.One way is a lost ball.If the striker hits a ball that somehow becomes lost and nonretrieveable, the fielding team can call "lost ball". This ends the play, and a replacement ball is brought in. The striker is credited for six and is now at 100 (as sixes can only come off the bat), but if he actually made 1, 3, or 5 runs in the meantime, he's no longer on strike.Another way is truly abysmal fielding.As long as the ball is in play and has not touched or crossed a boundary, batsmen can continue to take runs. An eager batsman with enough opportunity (thanks to missed throws and so on) may try to win the game right there with a seventh run (which is legal in cricket), but if the batsman makes a short run, missing the crease one time, one of those seven won't count.Either way means the first batsman gets six runs but is no longer on strike. This allows the other batsman, now on strike, to solve the problem with a normal six.

Two batsmans each on 94 7 runs required to win in 3 balls both make unbeaten 100 how?

1st Ball : First Batsman Hit a Dil-Scoop to a Wicket Keepers Helmet on the Field. then get 5 runs for it. 2nd Ball : First Bats Man get a 1 run then he reaches 100. 3rd Ball : 2nd Batsman Hit a six Both Scored 100 and match win ==================================================== 1st BALL : ONE BATSMAN HIT A FOUR. 2nd Ball : same batsman make a shot and take three runs but onje run is short and it will be counted as 2 runs. 3rd Ball : the other batsman hit a SIX and won the match. Both are at unbeaten 100. Also the case is the overs might be reduced to 48.2 overs or 48.1 overs something then both batsman can hit a SIX Ball1:Batsman1(94) hit six , completes his 100 and retired hurt because of injury. Two balls and One run to win. Ball2:New Batsman(0) tries to take single and run out. Batsman2(94) at the striker end and non striker end got replaced by the retired hurt batsman. One ball and One run to win. Ball3:Batsman2(94) hit six and completes his 100. Both unbeaten at 100 and Match Won. Note: It's mentioned that in case the ball hits the keeper's helmet the ball maybe called a dead ball. Not sure on this one but even if it is called a dead ball still this answer holds true.

Was Pele a striker?

Yes Pele was a striker.

What is the scoring system in cricket?

When a batsman hits a ball that lands on or outside of the boundary rope, he and his team receive 6 runs. If the ball lands in the field then touches or goes outside of the boundary rope, the batsman and his team receive 4 runs. If "no ball" or "wide" is ruled against a bowler's delivery, or if byes of leg byes are given, the teams score increases by one run (however, no batsman is credited). For technical violations (such as a ball striking a helmet left on the field by a fielding team), 5 penalty runs may be credited to the batting OR bowling team (depending on who committed the violation). Apart from these, the most common way to score in cricket is to, after the ball has been delivered, hit by the batsman or not, run from the batsman's popping crease and touch his bat on or inside the non-striker's popping crease. This can be done numerous times a ball, with 2 and 3 run balls common in cricket.

What is the birth name of Fran Striker?

Fran Striker's birth name is Francis Hamilton Striker.

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