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Q: If the score is 30 All you would serve from which side?
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How does a player score when playing tennis?

there are numerous ways for you to score while playing tennis. if you serve, and your opponent does not return the ball, hits the net on the return, or returns the ball and it goes out of bounds, these would all equal a point to you. you can also gain a point if after two tries your opponent does not serve the ball over the net. also remember the score starts at 15, goes to 30, then to 40, and 60 is win. if you both are tied at 40, that is called two, and you would need to score twice to win the match.

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Drills for volleyball serve?

My team plays a game called beat cartch. for every serve you get over, its a point, and for every serve you miss, cartch gets a point. We generally play to 25. We also play paint the floor where someone lays on the floor on the other side of the net. You have to hit the person on the other side and then you go and join them until all the people on your side are on the other side of the net on the ground.

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What is the serve in volleyball?

The serve is when the player in position 1 (right back) goes beyond the out line and hits the ball over the net to the other side of the court. This is how all games start.

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