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Whoever the other team decides in the second half.

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Q: If the football team that wins the coin toss elects to kick who gets the ball in the second half?
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If the football team that wins the coin toss elects to defend a goal who gets the ball in the second half?

The team that lost the coin toss at the beginning of the game would get first choice to start the second half. It would be their choice to defend a goal, kickoff, or receive the ball.

How does a football match begin?

some times a football match begins with a toss of a coin or the ball is thrown into the middle so one of the teams gets the ball

Who starts off the Football game?

Ok, in football the referee will toss a coin and then ask a player if he wants to kick off with possession first half or second half.

Where is the second golden coin on Astro Knights Island?

there is not a second gold coin

In which sport do you have a coin toss?


How does a normal football game begin?

with a coin flip to determine which team will kick the ball off firstThe ball is placed on the spot in the centre circle, then the referee blows the whistle. Two members from the team surround the ball, one passes to the other and they can do whatever they want with the ball.

Why are there captains on a football team?

The coin flip

Who won coin toss 2012 super bowl?

The Patriots won the coin toss, but deferred to the Giants. This resulted in the Giants getting the ball the first half, while the Patriots got it the second half.

What do they have in common A ball a salad a coin?


What can a do with a coin besides spend it and play coin hockey and football?

You can save it in a piggy bank.

Is the coin used in the toss in football real?

Yes, it is an actuall coin. It has no monitary value

What does it mean if a team accepted the toss or declined it?

There is no accept or declining of a coin toss. The team that wins can decide to receive the ball or to defer to the second half.

On new Super Mario Brothers how do you get the second coin?

to get the second coin you have to complete every level in the game.

How is a football game started?

the American football game is started with a coin toss then a kickoff

Is there a coin toss in high school football?


A Ball A Sallad A Coin what do they have in common?

They are all tossed

What do a ball a salad and a coin have in common?

They can all be tossed

Who won the coin toss in Super Bowl 46?

the Pats did. Giants called tails and it was heads, but Pats deferred to receive the ball in the second half. Hence they kicked the ball off to the receiving Giants to start superbowl 46.

How is first possession of ball determined in NFL?

flip a coin

How does a soccer game start?

A coin toss or ball up

How does olin browne mark his golf ball?

he uses a coin

What is kick off in football?

Before a football game begins a referee flips a coin. The team that loses the toss, puts the ball in a small holder to position it, then kicks it to the winner of the toss. This is called the kick off. After the ball is kicked and a member of the opposing team touches it the game begins. The term has come to mean beginning almost any activity.

Who receives first in a football game?

the one who wins the coin toss

When did college football adopt the defer rule on the coin toss?


How do you know who gets the ball first in field hockey?

Coin toss