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They are considered the "return team" like on a kick off.

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Q: If the defensive team intercepts the ball are they still the defensive team or the offensive team at that point?
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What is it called when an offensive player runs into the defensive player who is still moving in the game of basketball?

That would be a blocking foul.

When a defense intercepts and advances the football are they technically still a defense or an offense?

They are technically offense now and to adhere to offensive rules. Blocking, laterals, ball possession, etc....

What are differences between Offensive stroke to Defensive stroke in table tennis?

I am not an expert but still i'm sharing my answers with you. The answer is

If an offensive player pitches the ball and it gets taken in midair by a defensive player is it and interception or a fumble?

Because it is still airborne, it counts as an interception.

Can a fumbled snap on an extra point still be converted by the offensive team crossing the goal line?

yes because the ball is still in play and it would be the same as a two point conversion

Why was the tet offensive considered a turning point in the war?

the vietcong and north vietnamese showed that they could still fight

What is offensive foul?

An offensive foul is a foul committed by the team with the ball. For an example: if someone with the ball runs into someone one the defensive team, the ref may call an offensive foul (also known as "charging"). How ever if the defensive player wants to draw those type of fouls they need to "plant their feet" meaning they cannot move their feet, they must be still.But the rule is not perfect, sometimes they ref may call defensive foul (also known as "blocking"). Most blocks are called if the defensive player wouldn't set his feet, immediately jumps in their way, or stand in the "restriction area" (the arc shaped thing under the goal), those should be obvious blocks. NOTE:offensive fouls result in a turn over (other team gets ball).

Why was Tet offensive considered a turning point in the war?

the vietcong and north vietnamese showed that they could still fight

What is a pick in basketball?

== == == == A pick is when an offensive player without the ball stands still and acts as a wall in order to prevent a defensive player from being able to follow an offensive player with the ball, or to allow the offensive player with the ball to have a second or so of time open, allowing him to take a shot or make a pass. However, a pick is only legal if the player stands still while 'becoming a wall'. If he is moving, a foul is called. A pick is another term for a screen.

What position does Devon Still play?

Devon Still plays Defensive Tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals.

How did bunker hill influence the rest of the war?

It served as a morale booster, and is still considered a great example of how a strong defensive position can fend off almost any offensive force. Other examples include the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862 and the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

Why is it important to be a defensive driver?

safety EDIT: It is not important to the a defensive driver, it is important to be an AWARE driver. You can be defensive and still have issues (driving 40 mph on the 70mph freeway is overdefensive) BE AWARE, especial for those on motorcycles!

What is the maximum number and the minimum number of intercepts for a parabola?

there can be 0, 1, 2, or infinite intercepts for a parabola 0 intercepts occurs when the parabola does not meet the 2nd line 1 occurs when the parabola intersects a line at the vertex 2 occurs when the line does not intersect at the vertex, but still intersects the parabola infinite occurs when there are 2 parabolas, that although they may be written differently, are the same on a graph.

If you were going 20 mph over the speed limit can you still do defensive driving?

Yes you can do defensive driving for any speeding ticket or sitation. It doesnt matter how fast you were going or what you did you can take defensive driving once ever 6 months Yes you can do defensive driving for any speeding ticket or sitation. It doesnt matter how fast you were going or what you did you can take defensive driving once ever 6 months

What does it mean when you ask an ex if they loved you and they become defensive?

because they still have feelings for you. If you still love them then go for babe

Is Brett Keisel still playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes, he is. Brett Keisel is still the starting right defensive end for the Steelers.

Has Clay Matthews ever played lineman for the packers?

yes he played defensive end before getting moved to outside linebacker..he still plays a variation of defensive dnd and linebacker

Is a runner out if the first baseman has his hand on the ball while the ball is still no the ground but does not lift the ball off the ground?

Yes. They would be out. Think of it like this. If a runner is running home from third and the catcher slides onto the plate with the ball, the runner is still out, even though the catcher is on the ground. As long as the Defensive player has possession of the ball, and is touching the base, the offensive player would be considered out.

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The Still Point has 320 pages.

If you take defensive driving is your moving violation still a conviction?

Yes, but you may have mitigating circumstances.

If the Georgia code allows for a no point assessment after a defensive driving course will the insurance companies penalize for the offense?

Yes... points just track how long you will have a license if you lose all your points. Insurance Companies still have to rate a policy for that increased in drunk driving.

When was The Still Point created?

The Still Point was created on 2010-02-04.

Can you play defensive end if your 5 foot 4 and weight 140 pounds on a JV high school football team?

No that is probaly to small for even a stand up defensive end. Recomended height and weight for a jv defensive end is 5'10+ and 165+. I would know im a jv de at 6'2 and 190. However you could still try out olb, db, or hybrid/strong safety, if you want to still get a piece of the action.