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the runner must avoid contact by sliding or stopping in Babe Ruth League even if he has the base path. The call will be strictly up to the umpire. If the catcher does not have the ball he could call interference, however if the catcher is making a play on the ball or has the ball the runner could be called safe or out depending on the sole discretion of the umpire determining if "contact was avoided by the base runner" --- I personally if i was the umpire would have called him out... leaping over a player is a very dangerous thing to do, when sliding is the alternative --- by jumping you take chance of the catcher getting hit in the head unprotected, or going to apply a tag and cause the base runner to go flying out of control --- RUNNER OUT!! if I was behind the plate

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Q: If the catcher is in the 3rd baseline when a runner is coming home and the runner leaps him or her is the runner considered out This is a 13-15 yr old Babe Ruth League?
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