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if the ball is hit by the bat out the box by accident it still counts as a hit ... if the batter hits the ball while on the plate it's an out ...

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Q: If the ball hits the bat when batter in moving out of the way of a bad pitch and the batter is out of the batters box or on the plate?
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When trying to bunt the batter is hit by pitch?

If the batter has the bat out over the plate when the ball hits them it is a strike... As long as the batter makes an attempt at the ball, like pushing or moving the bat to the ball then yes it would be a strike if they were hit.If the batter simply has the bat over the plate and is hit by the pitch out of the strike zone then its not a strike.

If a batter digs in at home plate what type of challenge is it to the pitcher?

Pitch close to the batter.

What is the origin of the idiom 'hang in there'?

Pitchers prefer batters to stand at an increased distance from the plate because this makes it easier to get them out with an outside pitch. In order to persuade the batter to stand further from the plate, pitchers will throw one or more pitchers very close to the batter's body hoping that the instinctive fear of being hit by a pitch will cause the batter to stand further from the plate on the next pitch. When the batter's teammates see this happening, they will shout encouragement to the batter telling him to "hang in there". In other words, don't move away from the plate and thereby give an advantage to the pitcher. Also nautical: Relief is coming soon.

What are the dimensions of the batters box?

Batter's BoxThe batter's box is 4' x 6' and is 6 inches from the plate.

What does throw to a batter mean?

to pitch the ball over the plate OS the batter can attempt to hit it.

Are ASA slow pitch batters out if they step on home plate after they hit the ball?


Is a batter out in slow pitch softball if they step on home plate?


Can batter touch home plate when swinging at a pitch ball?

well you can do anything you want. first of all both feet have to be in the batters box while making contact with the ball. if your foot is on home plate while making contact with the ball you are out!!

Is it a strikeout if a batter steps on the plate?

One Answer:Before the hit yes. After no. the home plate is in fair territory between the batters box and first base so it is often stepped on, however the batter must hit the ball while inside the batters box. Correct Answer:There is no rule in MLB prohibiting a batter from stepping on home plate.

What is the result of an errant brushback pitch?

A beaned batter. A Brushback pitch is a pitch that is not meant to hit a batter but to push him away from the plate. An errant pitch would be to mess up, and in this instance a mistake would cause the pitcher to hit the batter.

If a batter steps on home plate to avoid being hit by a pitch is the pitch a strike?

If the pitch passes through the strike zone, or if the batter swings at the pitch and misses, it's a Strike. Otherwise it's a Ball. It has nothing to do with where the batter is standing.

When a pitcher is intentionally walking a batter can the batter step over the plate to make contact with the ball?

No, if a batter steps out of the batters box and makes contact with the ball, he is out.

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