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If the tennis ball hit the player, even if the player is out of bounds, then the opponent gets the point.

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Q: If tennis ball hits player when the player is out of bounds?
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Whose point is it in tennis if a ball hits an opponent while standing out of bounds?

The opponent's

What happens if the ball in table tennis hits the out of bounds area of the net and goes over?

It counts as your point.

If player on team A tries to save a ball from going out of bounds and it hits a player from team B who has one foot out of bounds and one foot in bounds who gets pocession of the ball?

Sean loves aly tierno

Is it a live ball if it hits the goal post in football?

It is out of bounds if it hits the goalposts. I realized that when the ball hit the goalpost and a Steeler player "intercepted the ball"

Is a player out of bounds if the ball and his upper body are out of bounds before his knee hits the ground in bounds?

Rules vary from state to state but in this case it is perfectly legal. So along as the players feet are in bounds. In highschool football its normally if one foot is in bounds and the other is not out of bounds and the player has control of the ball then its a catch

How are points earned in tennis?

You hit the ball, and the opponent side does misses it. You get points there. And you also get points if the opponent hits it and it is out of bounds on your side.

If a player tosses a ball to an opponents that's already out of bounds whose possession will it be?

who ever was the last person to touch the ball before it hits the floor out of bounds or if the person out of bounds catches it the other team gets it

Is the ball out of bounds if it hits the bottom of the backboard?


What is the sport tennis?

The sport tennis is a sport which is played across the world. Where you strike a ball with a tennis racket. And then ball has to get past the net and the other player does the same. The way you win is if the player misses, hits the ball out.

In Tennis do you still gain a point if you return a ball after the opposing player hits it out of bounds and it has already bounced?

yes u still get the point b/c the ball was out causeing the ball to be dead and u get the point if the oppising player hit the ball out of bounds on a RETURN if the opposing player served it and it was out they get 1 more do over and if it is out again u get the point whether u hit it back or not b/c once its out its dead

What does net ball mean in tennis?

A net ball means that when a player hits their serve and it hits the net, then bounces in. That is when a net ball is called.

What does Volleys in tennis mean?

A volley in tennis refers to when a player hits a ball without the ball bouncing; this usually takes place when a player stands close to the net.

How can you win a point in tennis?

A tennis point can be won I several different ways. 1. If one player hits the ball out of bounds or into the net, the other player wins the point. 2. If a ball bounces twice on one players side, the other player wins the point. 3. If the ball makes contact with a permanent fixture before bouncing, the player that hit the ball loses the point (not including the net, usually occurs when the ball hits the ceiling). 4. If a ball bounces on one players side then hits a permanent fixture, the player that hit the ball wins the point ( usually occurs when the ball bounces then hits the net separating the courts). 5. If a player touches the net, he loses the point.

Fouls and outs?

In baseball, fouls are when the ball is hit "out of bounds" or not within the first and third base line. An out could be when a player is struck out, or if the player hits the ball and the ball is caught.

What are three ways a tennis player losses a point?

Hits the ball out or in the net or doesnt hit the ball...

If a basketball is thrown by player A and it hits the body of player B who is standing out of bounds both feet is the ball out on player A or B?

Out on Player B. Doesnt matter wat the circumstances are, whoever touches it last, out of bounds on them.

What is an antenna in volleyball?

In volleyball, there is an antenna. It is there to mark the place of the "out of bounds" line on the court. If the ball ever hits the antenna, the ball is "out of bounds".

If the tennis ball hits a player and bounces over the net is it still in play?

No, If someone isn't paying attention or what not, and it hits them, the ball is then not in play and the point is awarded to the other player

In Volly ball is the ball out of bounds if it hits the line during play?

Depends On The Referee.

What happens if the ball hits the roof in table tennis?

The player who played the shot loses the point.

At what times is someone in possession of the ball considered out of bounds if ones knee goes down in bounds but the ball hits out of bounds?

If his knee touches inbounds, he is considered tackled in the field of play, regardless if the the ball ends up out of bounds. The clock will continue to run

A player reacts to a shot by throwing their racket at the ball the ball hits the racket and rebounds in What is the result in tennis?

If the ball only touched the racquet....the ball is good.

If a basketball hits the referee standing out of bounds is the ball still in play?


In high school basketball if the ball hits the roof is out of bounds?


In volleyball a point is scored when?

when the opposing team misses the ball, hits the ball into the net, misses the serve, or hits it out of bounds.