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Q: If team A punts the ball from their 5 yard line and team B blocks the punt and the ball rolls out of the back of the end-zone is it a touch-back or safety?
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Why do high punts have higher hang times than low punts do?


How do you compute the average length of a football punt?

Add the distance of all punts together and divide by the number of punts.

What are the release dates for Punts and Stunts - 1955?

Punts and Stunts - 1955 was released on: USA: May 1955

How many punts did Chris Gardocki kick for the Cleveland Browns in 2001?

He kicked 99 punts in 2001 for Cleveland Browns.

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How many men do you have to have on the line of scrimmage for punts?

You must have at least 7 men on the line for all scrimmage plays, including punts.

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How many punts in an average NFL game?


Can Randy Orton defeat the rock?

Maybe if he punts him

How many punts where there in the San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys game last weekend?

There was a total of 6 punts, 3 by Dallas, and 3 by San Diego.

What is the nfl record for most punts inside 20 for a season?

Steve Weatherford of the New York Jets had 42 punts inside the 20 in the 2010-11 season.

Punter is associated with the game of?

football... the person who punts the ball

How does Randy Orton attack people?

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How many punts in Super Bowl XL5?

1 million

Who holds the record for most punts in the NFL?

dave zastudil

What is nfl record for blocked punts for a touchdown in a game?


What is the record for most punts in a NFL game?

the seattle seahawks beat the st louis rams 24 to 3 where there were 19 total punts 10 for st lois 9 for seattle

What is the record for the most punts in a Super Bowl?

January 28, 2001 The most punts in a Super Bowl by one kicker is 11 punts from Brad Maynard of the N.Y. Giants, vs. Baltimore Ravens, XXXV The most total punts in a Super Bowl both teams combined is 21, N.Y. Giants vs. Baltimore. XXXV with 11 from Brad Maynard (N.Y.) and 10 from Kyle Richardson (Baltimore) Score of the game was.... Baltimore 34 Giants 7

What is the NFL record for fewest punts in one game?

Zero Six

When and who invented car ferries and punts?

someone answer please someone answer please

Who punts for every game from NFL?

the kicker or punter in the 2nd half.

When a team punts the ball how long is the kicker protected?

Dont care.

What is the record for number of punts for one team in a super bowl?


Why punt on free kick?

Traditionally speaking one punts on a free kick (usually after a safety), because your average punt has a longer hang time than a placed kick. This allows the kicking team to get into position to tackle the ball carrier.