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Heck yea! Been there done that! I was in a realtionship with a guy who was interested in me at the beginning and I thought that he was th one for me but a year later he dumped me. I don't like breakups and I convinced myself that he was a perfect man so much that I wouldn't allow myself to listen to songs about breakups. Then he wouldb't talk to me and I still thought that he was nice. Then he was abusive and all that... Anyway, talk more to that person or have someone else to talk to them. Don't be so quick to second-guess the situation. Some people do get depressed. Wouldn't it be more mature to sit and talk things out to see where his head is at. There is more to a relationship than cuddling, holding hands and having sex. People have feelings and it's up to each of you in the relationship to be there for each other. Did it ever enter your mind he could be depressed, but doesn't know how to start the conversation?

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Q: If someone says they are happy in their relationship but they always seem depressed and beat down when you see them could they be lying to you?
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