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5.6 seconds .... 14/100=t/40 t=14*40/100 t=5.6s

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Q: If ran 14 seconds for 100yards how fast will you run 40 yards?
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If you ran 100 Meters in 9.69 Seconds how fast can he run the 40 Yard Dash?

Converting 100 meters into yards... 100 meters = 109 yards Usain Bolt ran "109 yards" in 9.69 seconds... 109 / 9.69 = 11.2 yards per second The "mythical" 40-yard dash time... 40 / 11.2 = 3.63 seconds!!!!! Simply astonishing!

If you run the 200 meters in 27.6 seconds how fast would that be if you ran in yards?

200 meters in 27.6 seconds equates to 16.21 miles per hour.

Jason ran 200 yards in three fifths of a minute how maqny seconds did it take Jason to run 200 yards?

Jason ran 200 yards in 36 seconds

If you run the 100 yards in 10 seconds how fast will your time be in the 100 meters?

Presuming a continuous speed through the whole 100 meters, someone who ran 100 yards in 10 seconds would take 10.83 seconds to run 100 meters.

How many yards did you run in 45 seconds at 4 mph?

You ran 88 yards in 45 seconds at 4 mph.

If you ran 100 yards in 17 seconds how many seconds per yard is that?


How fast was carl Lewis?

He ran a 100m in 9.86 seconds and a 200m in 19.78 seconds.

Who first ran the 100 yards in under 10 seconds?

Jesse Owens

If you ran 100 yards in 9.2 seconds how long would it take you to run 220 yards?

It would take: (220/100) times 9.2 = 20.24 seconds

If you ran 15.4 seconds in 120 yards what would your time be in 100 meters?

Your time in the 100m would be 13.85 seconds.

If you ran 100 meters in 10.89 what would you run 100 yards in?

11.9094488 seconds.

A runner ran 2 miles in 12 minutes and 23 seconds how many yards did they run?

3520 yards ! The time is irrelevant.

If a person ran 440 yards in 48.8 seconds what would that translate into his time for 400 meters?

A 48.8-second 440 (yards) equates to a time of 48.517seconds in the 400m

Is 100 m fast if ran in 11 seconds?

It depends on who is answering the question. "Fast" is too ambiguous.

If Johnny ran the ball for 5 yards then he ran for 3 more yards then he lost 2 yards on a run How far did he run on those three plays?

10 yards. He ran 5 yards first, then 3 yards, then, even though he lost two yards, he still ran 2 yards. So he ran for a total of 10 yards.

How fast is Jesse Owen?

He ran the 100m on dirt in under 12 seconds.

How fast did reggie bush run his 40yard dash?

he ran it in 4.33 seconds

If you ran the 50 yard dash in 6.6 seconds how many miles an hour were you running?

(50 yards/6.6 seconds) x (3,600 seconds/hour) / (1,760 yards/mile) = 15.496 miles per hour (rounded)

If you ran 19.62 sec in the 200m with a head wind of 0.03 sec how fast would you ran if the wind was 0.0?

19.89 seconds

How fast did Usain Bolt really run in the Olympics?

he ran the 100m in 4.23 seconds

How fast is tight end Vernon Davis?

Vernon Davis ran the 40 in 4.47 seconds

If you ran 10 meters in 20 seconds what's your average speed?

that's pretty fast

What would you run in a forty yard dash if you ran a 3.98 in 15.3 yards?

Your time in the 40 would be 10.4 seconds.

If you run the 50 yard dash in 5 sec how fast would you run the 100 yard dash?

I ran the 50 yd in 5.4 seconds in 1977, I ran the 100 yd in 9.9 seconds

Who ran for the most yards in the NCAA in 2013?

The Sharp ran for the most yards in the NCAA in 2013.

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