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he must tag the runner with the Baseball

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Q: If play is not a force out what must a fielder do?
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What is the difference between a force out and fielder's choice?

It's a judgment call. I think the answer is this: A play is scored as a fielder's choice if, in the official scorer's judgment, the fielder had a clear opportunity to throw the batter/runner out at first, but instead chose to putout another baserunner. So I suppose a batted ball is scored as a force out if the fielder has no realistic chance (in the scorer's eyes) to get the batter/runner out at first and his only choice is to tag another runner or throw to another base.

Can the fielder move in and play a base when the ball is in play?


If a runner is already on 1st base and the batter rips a line drive into center field and the center fielder throws out the runner at 2nd base is the batter credited with a hit or is it a FC?

One answer:it would be considered a force play. Another answer:The runner from 1st base would be out on a force play. The batter would be credited with a base hit. It would only be a fielder's choice if the official scorekeeper felt the batter could have been thrown out at 1st but the fielder chose to throw to 2nd (thus the term "fielder's choice"). It is unlikely that the batter would have been thrown out at 1st on the play you describe, but the final authority is the official scorekeeper.

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What do you do if you can't play clone wars adventures?

in order to play you must use the force.

Who has the right of way on the base path in Major league baseball?

A player can run out of the path (for instance, while rounding the bases) as long as there is not a possible play. Once there is a possible play, the runner must be within 3-4 feet of the base path.

If you are a forced runner in baseball and make it to base before the ball gets there and get off the base but get back on it do you need to be taged out or does the ball just have to be on the base?

If you reach the base before the ball but overrun the base, you must then be tagged out. Once you reach the base it is no longer a force play and the fielder must tag you off the base to make an out.

Force-out little league baseball?

The force-out rule is the same in little league as it is in the majors. If there is nowhere else for the runner to go because the runner behind him must advance, the force-out is at the base he's headed to.

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Does the fielder or runner have the right of way?

on a batted ball the fielder has the right of way if the fielder is in the basepath and the ball isn't near him the runner has the right of way

When is a force play in effect?

A force play is in effect when a runner or runners are on base so that a fielder has to step on a base in order to record an out of the runner in question. Here's an example with the Cleveland Indians. Say Grady Sizemonre is on 1st base and Hafner is batting. If Hafner hits a ground ball to an infielder then they can force Sizemore out at 2nd base. A runner is forced to advance because the batter becomes a batter-runner. The runner may be tagged or the next base can be tagged by a fielder.