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it's based on stereotypes, people see small cases of black men with non-black women and have spread the rumor that the majority are doing it when in actaulity the majority are married to black women

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Who are the famous Black Athletes of Canada?


What are the release dates for Black Stereotypes - 2010?

Black Stereotypes - 2010 was released on: USA: 19 April 2010

How many professional black athletes are there?

There number of the professional black athletes is in the tens of thousands. Most of the athletes disciplines is dominated by the black athletes from different parts of the globe.

How do stereotypes of black people impact black people?

They cause them to kill black people

What are the stereotypes for black people?

If you don't know any, then you're better off not knowing any. Stereotypes I mean.

What famous baseball player said Today's black athletes have no idea what we had to endure?

bob gibson

Are black athletes better than white athletes?

In my opinion I think they are.

Percentage of black NCAA athletes?


What is the total percentage of all professional athletes are black in the U.S.?

The NBA consist of nearly 80% Black athletes. The NFL about 67-70% Black. other sports like Golf is dominated by White athletes. Professional Baseball has about 10% Black athletes the rest is split between White & Hispanic athletes. Hockey is almost unanimously White but minority athletes are slowly entering this sport. Its difficult to gauge the total percentage of all professional athletes who are Black as it varies from sport to sport. For example swimming sports are excelled by Whites while sprinting & long distance running is led by Blacks. Which invariable has to do with genetically difference such as density of bones & muscles fibers.

What are some vampire stereotypes?

A like/need for coffins, black cloaks, and speaking in cheesy Transylvanian accents.A dislike for crucifixes, holy water, and garlic are some traditional vampire stereotypes.

Who is the Richest black Athletes u.s.?

MJ - Michael Jordan

Would they let any black athletes in the Olympics when there was segregation?


Why do black athletes marry white women?

Its a statue symbol

What are the names of black people that play sports?

They are called athletes, just like people who are not black.

Stereotypes in the US?

All blondes are dumb, Americans are fat, all black people are bad, ect.

What percent of black professional athletes grow up in poverty?


Why are most athletes black?

Because they play a lot of sports and they are athletic

Who is a famous black pediatric nurse?

i need a famous black pediatrician

How many African Americans are in the nfl hall of fame?

36 black athletes.

What are some stereotypes of black men?

1.That they are well endowed, which is not true in some cases 2. they're athletes or at least athletic 3. with the help of the media and their "code" references, that they are dangerous, gangmembers, robbers, rapists, dead beat fathers etc. 4. their main hobbies are rapping and or singing. just to name a few

How did the black eyed peas get famous?

The Black Eyed Peas got famous by singing!

Why was the black death famous?

the black death was famous because it killed millions of people.

Famous black Canadians?

MK timothy hynes famous black canadian CHEF

What has the author Donivan J Watley written?

Donivan J. Watley has written: 'Black and nonblack youth: characteristics and college attendance patterns' -- subject(s): African Americans, College attendance, Education, National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

Did anyone famous die from the black death?

no one famous died fro the black death!