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If it is a draw then the current holders retain the Ashes. The current holders are England.

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Q: If its a draw who retains the ashes cricket 2009?
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If the last ashes test is a draw who will win the ashes?

An academic question now, but the tradition is that if a series is a tie then the current holder retains the Ashes, so Australia would have only needed to draw the Oval game in order to retain the Ashes.

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Will England win the ashes?

Yes 100% No not really. Australia is more likely to win it, or it will be a draw.

How has England already won the 2010 ashes what if it is a draw?

we won the last time it was played so we would have 'retained' the ashes, not techincally 'won' them. obviously we did now win them.

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