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you need to have a good fitness base as you are constantly on the run. Also you should have good speed over short distances and agile footwork

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Q: If im playing center what componets of fitness do i need to be good at?
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What is a good name for a fitness center?

fitness connection

Where can I find good fitness center in boston?

Healthworks Fitness Centers Boston are very nice and there are several locations

What are the best fitness clubs in Atlanta?

There are several good fitness clubs in Atlanta. The leading fitness clubs include Trinity fitness center and Concourse athletic club.

What should I look for when choosing a new fitness center?

The thing to look for when choosing a fitness center is, a good membership plan, a wide assortment of machines and workout stations.

How could be you slim?

slimness is a good thing . to be slim we should diet or go to a fitness center.

Is pure Fitness a good gym to join ?

Yes very good indeed, they offer no contracts and no catches. If you are not sure if you will stick to a gym routine or even if you discover that it is not the Fitness center for you paying as you go is the best option and pure Fitness do offer that.

Is soccer good for fitness?

Very good. Being a goalkeeper won't make you as fit as playing outfield though.

Were can i find a fitness center close to were i live?

Gold Gym would be a good choice. Also the local Ymca is a good option.

Where can I find a fitness center in Northern California offering a free trial membership?

There is a very good fitnees center in SAn Jose belonging to a chain of fitness centers called Snap Fitness. Here is its site: . It offers a 7-day free trial membership.

Is Bladez Fitness equipment as durable as equipment at the gym?

Bladez Fitness machines have good reviews and as they are for a home gym they will not have as much heavy use as those in a Fitness center. They should last a long time in a home gym.

What is Schwinn elliptical and where can I get it?

Visiting a sporting good or fitness center may help to find out more information from a fitness expert. You may also be able to do some research at your local library.

Where could someone find reviews for their local Workout World fitness center?

There are many websites to find reviews for a local Workout World fitness center. Some good websites to find these reviews are Yelp, Just Dial and Pissed Costumer.

What's Valeo Fitness and is it good?

Valeo Fitness is a brand of some Fitness equipment. If your Fitness instructor told you to try it, it must be really good. You can get it at Good luck and get fit!

Where can I find good Fitness routines?

You can find good Fitness routines by looking for them on YouTube. You can also find good Fitness routines to buy from Zumba Fitness and other trainers like The Situation.

Is playing soccer a good thing?

Yes, it increases your fitness level, can make you famous and gives you something to do in your spare time!

What is a good Halloween costume for a fitness instructor?

a zombie fitness instructor sounds pretty good.

Where can you obtain information on best treadmills?

Online is one place to get good treadmill information. But you can also go to your local fitness center and ask what they recommend and use. You can also go to a fitness equipment store and get recommendations.

What is the fitness?

physical fitness is when you are in good shape (abs chest arms etc) and a good cardiovascualr system

Where can one purchase city Fitness plan?

A good place to look for city Fitness plans is online or by heading to your city's community center where they should be sold and you can see what you are interested in. Check with them about times and dates of when the program starts.

How do you lose body fat in one week?

you work out and have good food with protein in it and if you cant and if it hurts and you think your fat,go to the Racket and Fitness Center.

Is judo a good sport for fitness?

Yes it is good for speed, stamina, strength, flexibility and all round fitness.

Where can I find a Fitness forum?

Forums are definitely helpful when trying to get good information about gyms, workout routines etc. from other people with similar interests to yours. Best option would be to find a good Fitness center that meets you requirements and see if they have a forum on their web-site.

Is there a local community fitness workouts center in Chicago?

I would check the local phone book. I strongly suggest looking at the fitness centers before joining. Some places can be a bit unsanitary. Keep up the good work!

Are there any trial courses which I can go and have a try-out at good life Fitness?

Yes there are many different Fitness centers that you can visit to get a free trial. If you visit Bally's website they always have that one day free trial to where you can visit their center.

Definition of five components of physical fitness?

I think you mean the five types of wellness and those are intellectual fitness emotional fitness social fitness spiritual fitness and physical fitness. Intellectual fitness- being creative and open to new ideas Emotional Fitness- how well you handle stress Social Fitness: being able to interact with others Physical fitness- being in good shape and having good health