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a good position would be a QB guard if you are fast you could be a good receiver in offence

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Q: If i am 5'7 and weigh 115 lbs what is a good position on defense in football?
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How much should you weigh to be a lineman in seventh grade football?

Doesn't matter as long as you are good and can play the position.

If i am 5'7 and weigh 115 lbs what is a good position on defense in high school football?

Sir if your in high school and you only weigh 115 pounds your riding pine sorry to tell you I'm 5'8 175 and i have played for 11 years all stater for the last 4 and i barely play. So good luck.

What position would a person that is 5'9 and weigh 230 pounds play in football?

That sounds like good measurements for a place kicker.

Are the Philippines national football team good in defense?

Well not really they are ranked 128th place in the world so their defense is not good

What is a good position to have in high school football if you have quick feet good hands but you only weigh 145pounds an only 57 height?

a defensive end or half back depending on speed

What American football position can you be?

Any one that you're good at!

Is kendrick good at football?

he knows how to play defense and offense he is also good at the position quarterback and wide reciever. his favorite team in the nfl is the bills and in the nba it is the bucks he really wants to play for the central falls panthers

What position am i good enough to play for football im weigh 161 and playing jv quick and athletic?

Sounds to me like Strong Safety, Free Safety, Slot WE, Running Back. Keep in mind that a lot of football players change positions as they go through high school, college, and the pros. Find a position that you are good at and excel.

What is a good situation in which to employ a contain defense in football?

A good situation to employ a contain defense would be when the defense is facing a team that has a mobile quarterback. The responsibility of the outside rushers is to prevent the QB from getting outside of them.

What position should i play if im 5'5 and 194lbs in high-school football?

left bench... nah I'm kidding. guard/center. 5'5 is good to get leverage. on defense either nose or d tackle

What was the purpose of inventing football?

So men could learn that the best defense is a good offense, of course.

Which American Football position would suit you best you weigh 238 lbs and am 175 cm tall you are pretty quick over short distances for your weight and can catch pretty good?

I would say the best position would either be a tight end or a fullback

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