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If a fielder is making a play, he has the right to block the base with any part of his body, so, yes, he would be out.

So it would depend if the fielder was making a play. If the ball is not hit or thrown to the fielder then it is obstruction and the runner is awarded the base the umpire feels he would of reached.

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Q: If an infielders foot interferes with a baserunner is the baserunner out when tagged?
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If a runner steps on thirdbaseman's foot touching and obstructing third base does the foot become a part of third base or is the runner out once they tag him?

The runner is out once he is tagged, assuming no force out.

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Are the players' feet allowed to cross the center line?

This is a rule that recently has been altered. A portion of a player's foot may cross the center line if it does not interfere with play. If the whole foot crosses the line or the portion that crosses the line interferes with play the opposing team is awarded a point.

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