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15 laps

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Q: If am running on a 200m track and am running the 3000m how many laps will you run?
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Related questions

How many laps do you have to run to complete 300 meters?

0.75 laps of a 400m track or 1.5 laps of a 200m track.

How many times around a 200m track equals a mile?

For a 200m Track it will take 8 laps to do a mile or 1600 meters

How many laps is the 3000M?

Well if my laps you mean around a normal high school track then it's 7.5 laps. A little over 1 3/4 miles.

How long is 1500 meter race track and field on 200 track and 400 track?

If it is 1500m, then it is 1500m, no matter how long the track is. If you mean how many laps, that would be 3.75 laps on a 400m track, and 7.5 on a 200m track.

How many laps is the 1200 meter race?

On a standard outdoor athletics track of 400m: 1200m / 400m = 3 laps. Indoor athletics tracks can be 200m in which case 1200m / 200m = 6 laps.

How far around track is 400 meters?

1 lap on an outdoor track, but indoor track are smaller, usually 200m so generally 2 laps.

HOW MANY Laps on a running track equal 500 yards?

About One and One Quarter Laps.

How man laps around a running track is the 1500?


How many laps around a running track equals 21 ks?

52.5 laps

How many laps around an indoor track is 300m?

2 1/2 if your talking the 200m banked tracks

How many laps around a running track equals 1.5mile?

Six laps are equal to 1.5 miles.

How many laps of a 400m running track is a mile?


How many laps in 800 meters?

In swimming there are 16 laps of a 50m pool (a standard Olympic size pool) In running there are 2 laps of a 400m track (the standard athletics track)

How many laps around a running track equals 10km?

An Olympic size track is 400 meters. That would mean there are 2.5 laps for 1 kilometer, and 25 laps around a 400 meter track would equal 10 kilometers.

How many laps around a running track is one mile?


How many kms equals 30 times around a running track?

A standard track is 400m 25 laps is 10,000m=6.2mi 4 laps is approximately 1 mile. 30 laps is about 7.5 miles

How many miles in lane 8 on a standard oval track?

7 laps per mile? 6.5? There are standard sizes but 200m, 400m?

If you are running 2 laps around the track without stopping and you want to get to 8 laps in 16 weeks how do you do it?

keep doing it

How long is a middle school track?

Usually it is the same as high school which is 400m around. There are 4 differant races on this track in track and field. 100m is a strait line on the track. 200m is half the track. 800m is two laps 1500m is 3 and 3/4 laps.

How many laps around a running track equals 3 miles?

A typical running track is 400 meters and 3 miles is 4828 m So that would make it 4800/200 = 12 laps

How many laps are there in the 800 meters?

A standard running track has 400 m in one lap. The 800 m race is therefore 2 laps of the track.

How far is 12 laps on a running track?

3 miles

How many laps on a running track is 220 yards?

It's about half of a lap.

How many laps in a running track is a 3km run?

i dont know sorry

200 m track for a mile?

Not sure exactly what your question is, but I'll give it a go. If you're asking how many laps it would take, 1 mile around a 200m track would be 8 laps, as a mile is a little over 1600m. As for your time, it is probably going to be slightly slower than what you would run on a standard 400m track, due to the fact that one runs faster on a straight path than a curve, and a 200m track will have more turns.