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Only if they're bicks.

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Q: If all knicks are bicks and all chocs are bocs Are any chocs knicks?
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Is the cheesecake factory expensive?

No not at all about 40 bicks

Who is the knicks all-time leader blocked shots?

The Knicks all time leader in blocked shots is Patrick Ewing, with 2,758 rejections.

Where are the headquarters of Jersey Telecom?

The headquarters of Jersey telecom are located in New Jersey. It is the Bell operating company and they service all United states. But in 1984 they split the company with 21 other bocs , ike ATT.

How many points does carmelo need to be the knicks all time scoring leader?


Who is the New York Knicks basketball team's all time leading scorer?

Patrick ewing

Why didnt lebron go to the Nets Cavs Knicks or Clippers?

Cavaliers-1. He'd had been trying so hard for 7 years and nothing. Knicks-1. Amare had taken the place with a great contract and expected best player in Knicks. Clippers-1. Heat, Knicks, Cavs are all much better than LAC. Nets-It's too late The Big 3 was to popular, they couldn't get him.

Are the Knicks a championship caliber team?

Yes. With Carmelo already 1 of the best players in the NBA, and Amar'e doing pretty good himself, the Knicks are a championship caliber team. With Tyson Chandler also working down low with "Stat" they're even better. And out of no where comes the Yellow Mamba; Jeremy Lin. Another piece added on to an already good team. 4 solid Players that the Knicks have. the Knicks might not be able to win it all this year, but they have a great team and can win it all. All they need is a solid SG who they might opt for in this up-coming draft.

What are the lyrics to Robert Randolph's Friday Night Knicks theme song?

Don't mind taking the bus, don't mind taking the train Don't mind wearing walking shoes or running through the rain Knicks on Friday night, MSG is the place to be Whatever it takes to make it here, I'll do it all again Hey, I gotta get there fast as I can I gotta get there, Friday night Knicks I'm a fan I gotta get there please understand, I'm talking Friday night Knicks on MSG gotta front row seat gotta get there

What are all 9 new york sports teams?

Knicks, giants, jets, sabres, Islanders, bills, rangers, Yankees, mets.

Where do the Knicks play in New York?

Madison Square Garden.. Godzilla layed all her eggs there in the last (US) Godzilla Movie...

Which NBA teams have the most cap space for the 2010 summer?

The Knicks, Nets, Timberwolves, and Clippers all have a lot of cap space.

What is Adam Gontier's favorite sport?

Ny jets ny yankees ny rangers Ny knicks