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Most of the times, it is. Sometimes if a woman has a small frame and large breasts, she might have problems like frequent backaches.

This is not to say that small breasts are unhealthy. Those are ok too.

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Q: If a woman has large breasts is that healthy?
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What do you call a man with a penis and large female breasts?

Man with large penis = hung Woman with large breasts = busty

Why are some boobies big and some small?

A lot of it is down to genetics however it can be altered. The mammary glands (breasts) have a certain size which is usually the same in most woman however some breasts are small because of genetics or there is muscle tissue in that area. The reason a woman may have large breasts is because it is filled with fat tissue otherwise large breasts may have a lot of muscle and this results in small or large breasts

What does mujer de pecho muy abultado pechugona mean?

woman with large breasts

How do you get a flat chest?

A flat chest may be the result of a woman who did not develop large breasts in puberty. This may also be a result of having breasts removed from cancer or surgery.

How large can a woman's breast grow naturally?

The Guinness Book Of World Records has a woman called Annie Hawkins-Turner who has the worlds biggest natural breasts. Her breasts would be [if they made bras this big] a 48v bra size.

What foods and drink will help a woman's breast grow?

the drink that will make a woman's breast grow is beer A female's breasts will grow to the size that her genetics allow them to. A breast can only become bigger if the woman beomes overweight--as the breast is just one large gland and will grow with added weight. Women whose grandmother's and mother's breasts were large are more likely to have larger breasts. The only way to make breasts smaller is by (it appears) by swimming at the Olympic level, in which the muscles under the breast tissue become taught and the breast tissue, which is mostly fat, is eliminated. For women with breasts that are too large, surgery is an option, but it is very expensive.

Are women with large breast tend to be more sexually active?

no, not really. it all depends on the woman, not the size of her breasts.

How big can the breasts get?

This is hard to answer. With surgery now a days, they can make breasts extremely large! Plus, when a woman loses weight, her breasts shrink a little. When she gains weight, they grow a little. I've seen bra sizes to "G."

What is the 5 keys of being a young woman?

The 5 keys of being a woman are # Have your first kiss. # Have your period. # Have small-large breasts. # Have pubic hair. # Have your 13th birthday.

Why are large breasts more attractive?

Large breasts are not more attractive to many people. There are men who prefer smaller well shaped breasts.

Who is Miosotis?

Miosotis Claribel is a woman from the Dominican Republic who seems to be famous for her extremely large breasts. Her cup size is 36M.

Do women with large breasts produce more milk than women with small breasts?

Yes and no. generally when a large breasted woman is coming into her milk, she may have more milk then a woman with small breasts, who is also coming into her milk. This generally settles down when feeding schedules have been more established and the milk production has settled into the supply and demand routine. There will only be as much milk as is needed in the breasts due to the entire concept of supply and demand, So if a heavy demand is placed on the breasts, then bigger breasts may have more milk in them then small breasts, but this is overly dependent, as i said, on the demand. A woman with twins, for instance, will produce more milk then a woman with only one baby, and this is between women with the same sized breasts. The more milk taken from the breast during a feeding, the faster it will be produced to replenish it. So the real answer is, Yes, but commonly, No. No. Not at all. I have fairly small breasts and have always produced an over-abundance of milk. I know plenty of large-breasted women who struggle with milk production.

When a woman's breasts leak does it mean she is pregnant?

No. One of the most common reasons that breasts leak is because the woman just had a baby. If the breasts are not expressed regularly while a woman is lactating, they will get sore and they will leak. If the breasts leak at any other time, it could be a medical symptom.

Why do women want large breasts?

Many men seem to prefer large breasts, so some women think that they will be more desirable with larger breasts.

How do you lactate breasts?

Breasts begin preparing to lactate while the woman is pregnant.

Can a man get HIV from a healthy woman?

No; a man can't get HIV from a healthy woman (by healthy I assume you mean HIV free). A woman (or man) can look healthy, but be infected with the virus.

What is the proper medical definition for large breast?

Megalomastia is a medical term meaning abnormally large breasts. Hypermastia may also mean large breasts, or may mean more than two breasts.

Do silver dollar nipples mean you'll breasts will become big?

Not necessarily. Nipple size and breast size are not related. You could have small breasts with large nipples, and vice versa. Every woman is different.

Do all large breasts have milk in them?

Only if the woman is near giving birth or is breastfeeding their child. Otherwise, it is simply a network of ducts and fat.

What size breasts?

as large as it can be

Why is it so wrong to like bras on men?

Breasts of a size that require support are associated with a woman, and femininity. If a male has breasts that are large and heavy enough to require this external support it is an indication that the male is less masculine than others who do not. Just as it is the first place a person looks to identify gender on another person, breasts signify woman. Does this answer your question?

Do boys like girls with small breasts or big breasts?

In the context of this question in order for the answer to be appropriate when I use the term girl or boy it will mean an adolescent .Everyone is different and so everyone (and that includes boys) will have different ideals and preferences about the female form and what they consider desirable. There is a lot of hype in the media about big breasts being extra special but women and girls come in all shapes and sizes and if you look around you , you will notice that women and girls ,no matter what their shape and size or breast appearance can be seen with men and boys who clearly appreciate them and love them for who they are. A woman or girl with small breasts has just as much chance of finding a boy or man who appreciates her small breasts as a woman or girl with large breasts finding a man or boy who appreciates hers. In this case beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Small breasts function in exactly the same way as large breasts;both are are equally capable of feeding a baby or providing and receiving sexual stimulation. There is a lot more to women than their breasts. Being attracted to a woman''s breasts is one thing but liking who she is ,is quite another matter ! It is important to understand that when you get to know someone and start loving them for their personality their breast size and shape won't really matter ! You make secretly desire bigger or smaller breasts in a woman but it is not her breasts you will be talking to over dinner or keeping you company when you are sick or sad ! A women or a girl with small breasts has less health issues than a woman or a girl with large breasts. Really large breasts can place enormous strain upon the spine, back and neck (sometimes causing serious pain ),make running uncomfortable and make it difficult to sleep in some positions. Realistically there are just as many men and boys that like large breasts as there are those that like small breasts .

What do woman wear in front of their breasts?

Women wear bras to cover and to support the breasts.

How many breasts is too many?

Can a woman have too many breasts? What is the perceived limit?

What is meant by the phrase big breast lovers?

The meaning of the phrase 'big breast lovers' i would have thought was straight forward. Basically it refers to men, or woman, who like woman with large breasts.

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