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It depends what the school decides.. some schools even expele you.

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Q: If a student is arrested outside of school can he still participate in sports?
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Why is Student council important?

Student council is important because it gets students to participate with the affairs of the school. It helps students share there concerns with teachears or school principals.

How do you use demoncracy in a sentence?

"Many school students participate in democracy through their student councils."

For Federal student aid what is a direct lending school?

A school that participates in the Direct Lending program. 80% of school participate in the FFELP instead.

Can a school teenager be arrested for punching another school student?

It depends under what context. For example: If it was on a regular basis (bullying), then yes they can be arrested. However, if it is a school fight, then I wouldn't think that the person would be arrested, maybe given a warning.

Why do you need a school timetable?

A school timetable is necessary for students attending a certain school. The school timetable lists events and other things, usually in calendar form, that a student might want to participate in. Timetables also help a student plan their student activities.

How could a 15 year old high school student participate in civic life?

campaign for a candidate

Is going into school outside of school times legal?

yes, because the school's property is private so you could be arrested for tresspasing

What if you brandished a pocket knife at school?

Depending on the policy of the school, brandishing a pocketknife can lead to suspension or expulsion. The student can even be arrested.

How does school uniforms improve attendance?

Because if the students are trying to wag school, people who see the student outside of school will then notify the school

What term relates to a student has missed several days of school and has been arrested for shoplifting five times?

social psychology

Can a homeschooled student participate in school athletics?

No, because at most schools (I believe) an athletic is the first or last period of the day although it will run longer (typically). Since you are graded in that sport, and it is considered a class, you may not participate in school sports

Should recommendation letters from outside of the school be submitted by student or the person who wrote it for college application?


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