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no they do not

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Q: If a quarterback is intercepted do the return yards count against his passing yards?
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Can you pass on kickoff return?

no, only lateral passing during the return.

If the starting Quarterback in an NFL game is pulled early due to big lead is he able to return to game play and when?

Any player, including the quarterback, may return to the game at any time if they are replaced by the coach.

Is there a point that a quarterback in the nfl can't return to the game?

i think that if u have your third string quarterback in in the fourth than the first and second strings cant come back

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Can a quarterback in the nfl leave a game and return later?

Yes, but if he leaves the game he must stay out for at least one play before being eligible to return.

What should you see in your rear view mirror before attempting to return to the lane after passing a vehicle on the left?

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Most quarterback interceptions thrown for a touchdown return?

Jarrett Lee, LSU. 7 in one season (and counting)

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