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No it does not. A fumble is a fumble, while a sack is a sack.

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2009-10-06 01:14:00
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Q: If a quarter back fumbles the ball but doesn't go down does it count as a sack?
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If the quarterback fumbles the ball out of the back of the end zone what is the call?

If the QB fumbles the ball out of his own end zone it is a safety.

If the ball is shot from underneath the rim and goes up through it and comes back down through it again does the basket count?

no it doesnt count

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What running back has most fumbles in NFL 09?

Adrian Peterson had 6 fumbles lost fo rthe most by a running back in 2009, 3 RB's tied with 5 Matt Forte, Tim Hightower and Steve Slaton

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How much rushing yards does the saints quarter back have?

As of week 14, Drew Brees has 17 rushing attempts for 68 yards. That gives him an average of 4.0 yards per attempt. He has 4 first downs and 1 touchdown with 0 fumbles.

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