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Yes it is a live ball and if the kicking team recovers they still have to get the first down and if the defense recovers its a turnover.

The ball is live, however, the kicking team cannot regain possession of the ball unless the receiving team touches it first.

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Q: If a punt is partially blocked is it a live ball allowing the kicking team to recover it?
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In the NFL can you score on a blocked field goal?

Both the offense and defense can score on a blocked field goal. The defense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it regardless of where they recover it. The offense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it as long as the ball has not passed the original line of scrimmage.

Can a team attempt a feelgo on 3rd down miss the kick then get the ball back on 4th down?

I assume you mean "field goal." Yes, this is possible, if the ball is blocked and never crosses the line of scrimmage, and the kicking team recovers. The kicking team could also recover the ball past the line of scrimmage if the kicking team touched the ball first.

Can the kicking team run in a blocked extra point?

Yes, but only if the ball doesn't cross the line of scrimmage. Once it does, the kicking team can still recover the ball but can't advance it.

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What is a Forced Touch in college football?

You have 'illegal touching' on a player when a kick is touched by the kicking team. The receiving team, regardless of the outcome of the play, can choose to take the play at that spot. There is also the concept of 'touching' when a receiving player touches the ball on a kick. At that point, the kicking team can recover the kick and maintain possession. A "forced touch" is when that touch occurs because the opposing player 'forces' an opponent to touch the ball. For example, if a receiving player is being blocked by a kicking team player and the kicking team player blocks the receiving team player into the ball, the receiving team player is 'being forced to touch the ball by the block.' In this instance, the kicking team cannot recover the ball and maintain possession, because the touching of the ball by the receiving team was a 'force touch.'

In football on an onside kick if the ball touches the receiving team and then the kicking team recovers is it a turnover?

No, the football has to go 10 yards before it can be recovered by the kicking team. if it goes 10 yards and is in the air the kicking team can recover it.

Can the kicking team pass the 10 yard mark before the ball on an onside kick?

Yes. There is no rule about the kicking team passing the 10 yard mark before the ball, only that the kicking team cannot touch the ball before it travels 10 yards unless the ball is first touched by a member of the receiving team.

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Can the team that kickoff recover the ball 30 yards down field?

According to the NFL Rulebook: " A kickoff is illegal unless it travels 10 yards OR is touched by the receiving team. Once the ball is touched by the receiving team or has gone 10 yards, it is a free ball. Receivers may recover and advance. Kicking team may recover but NOT advance UNLESS receiver had possession and lost the ball. " According to the NFL Rules, the kicking team may not advance the ball on a kickoff unless it has been possessed first by the receiving team. In the play you saw in the Washington/Seattle playoff game, the ball went unpossessed by the receiving team when the kicking team gained control. In that case, possession is awarded to the kicking team at the spot where the kicking team gained control of the ball. no. the ball is dead where the kicking team touched it