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the team loses a point

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Q: If a player serves out of order what happens?
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What happens when a team serves out of order?

A poit and the serve is awarded to the opposing team.

What happens if a team serves out of order in volleyball?

your team looses the ball and the other team gets a point and then ball

How do you start the game table tennis?

One player serves. It's started.AnswerA player serves. How you decide which one serves is usually a volly. Whoever misses the ball first gives the ball to the other player and that person serves.

Which player serves the ball in volleyball?

Anyone that is on the court serves the ball.

What happens when a badminton player serves with the racket above therew waist?

That would be a foul, giving you the point, and under the current rules, the point and serve.

How many serves does a player get in badminton?


Service in volleyball?

Service is when the player serves the ball.

What happens during a let in table tennis?

the person serves again

Who serves if the head of the senate is absent?

If that happens then there would be a sub or something

What happens when a magician goes to prison?

He or she serves their sentence as does any other prisoner.

What serves as the basis for coding?

Recorded Documentation

How many serves in a row does each table tennis player get?

If you are playing to 11 each player gets two serves then switch. If you are playing to 21 then you switch off every 5 serves. Those are two simple scores to play to. ( At my house, once the game gets to match point we let the person who has less points serve. ) ( We do this because at my house, in order to become the winner you must win by two points. )

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