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The only way a runner can reach on a passed ball is if he strikes out, and the 3rd strike gets away from the catcher. Since the batter struck out, he should not have reached based, although no errors are charged the run if he later scores is an unearned run

See MLB Rule 10.18 Earned Runs. No earned run if batter reaches on passed ball.

A wild pitch is the pitcher's fault and contributes to the earned run.

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Q: If a player reaches base on a passed ball and later scores is it an earned run or unearned?
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If a player reaches base by being walked and later scores is it an earned run or an unearned run?


If a player is hit by the pitch and later scores is the run earned or unearned?

Depends on what happened in the inning prior to and after the batter is hit. Assuming that no errors or passed balls occur, the run will be scored an earned run. If the inning is extended by an error, or the runner scores because of an error or passed ball, the run would be unearned.

Is a run scored after walking an earned run or un earned run?

Assume 3 players in a row hit singles, and the bases are loaded. The pitcher walks the batter and the first player scores. Since he hit a single, his is an earned run. Now imagine a different situation, where the first player got on base due to an error. Then the next two players hit singles and the bases are loaded. If the pitcher walks the 4th player, the 1st player scores but his is an unearned run. That is, the run is not counted against the pitcher since an error by someone else led to his being on base. Now imagine the next batter gets on due to an error and another run scored. This is the 2nd player, who had a single earler. His is an earned run. Every player on base could become an earned or unearned run, depending on how they got on base-- not how they eventually scored.

If a player commits 3 passed balls putting 2 men in scoring position would committing another one mean an earned run?

In baseball, an earned run is any run for which the pitcher is held accountable (i.e. the run did not score as a result of a fielding error or a passed ball).Now, if the pitcher threw 4 wild pitches (a much more likely scenario) it would be an earned run.I like booooobies and pigs

What is it called when player reaches a base after bunt hit?

A single.

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Is a player out if she is touched before she reaches home on a home run?

no she isn't

If a player hits a home run and there was an error in the inning how many of the runs are earned?

if there is two outs and the error would have meant the third out, then no earned runs will be charged. In all other cases, any runner who reached base on an error will not be considered an earned run ( the batter will be an earned run if the error was not supposed to be the third out.) Any runner who reaches base on a hit or walk but advances a base because of an error will still be considered an earned run when the homerun is hit (including runners who already scored on errors)

Can there be a double play in a no hitter?

Yes. If a player reaches base because of a walk, error, or hit by pitch the no hitter is still intact. Once a player reaches base because of a base hit, the no hitter is over.

If a player steals home plate is it an earned run?


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