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Not unless the other is in double bonus, or they attempt a shot.

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Q: If a player is fouled while tipping the ball in is it a two shot foul?
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Is it a technical foul if a player gets intentionally fouled on a fast break?

That depends. If he was intentionally fouled but the player was going for the ball, than no. If the player was not going for the ball, than yes.

What is the difference between a shooting foul and a non shooting foul?

a shooting foul is when the player with the ball is fouled while in a shooting motion (jumpshot, dunk, layup, alleyoop, etc.) and a non shooting foul is when a player is fouled while not in a shooting motion (running, passing, off-ball, etc.)

How does a foul shot routine affect your shot?

A foul shot is a shot that a player is granted if he/she is fouled while shooting the ball

What is foul shot?

A foul shot is a shot that a player is granted if he/she is fouled while shooting the ball. It is shot from the freethrow line. If the player made his/her shot, then they get one, if he/she missed they get two, and if they are fouled while shooting a three-pointer, they get three freethrows, or foul shots

What is a penalty pass in net ball?

You get a penalty pass, where the other player who fouled you stands next to you or you if you are in the D, you can have a penalty shot.

What is the ruling if one player makes a basket and another player on the same team gets fouled while the ball is in the air?

In college and in the NBA if someone is fouled they have to shoot free throws. Only time I can see if they get another player to shoot is if the player that was fouled gets fouled very, very hard, if he gets knocked out or has to go to the hospital and is seriously hurt, they may let another person take his place, or give the team two points, most likely to make it fair, they'll get another person to shoot. But I've never seen that kind of stipulation before.

How you score a free-throw?

If you are fouled while in motion of shooting the basketball then play stops and you go to the free throw line. Depending on the foul, you will get one, two, or three shots. All other players must stay out of the lane and cannot move until the player that was fouled shoots the ball, and the ball touches the rim. If you make the basket it only counts as one point, not two.

If a player is dribbling the ball and gets fouled then he commits a technical foul what happens?

The opposing team shoots the technical foul free throw, then the player does whatever he would have done after he was fouled - either inbound the ball, or if the opposing team is in the penalty, shoot two free throws. Committing a technical foul does not nullify or offset the original foul.

If a player gets fouled when shooting and the ball up by the rim there is offensive goal tending will the player that got fouled get foul shots?

yes they will because the players will not play through the foul....when the ref blows the whistle for the foul action stops

What is the rule and who gets possession when a player on Team B commits an off the ball foul against the non shooter on Team A while a shot is up in the air and the shot is a made basket?

The player who is fouled shoots one free throw and then whoever gets the rebound gets possession or if the shot is made Team B gets the ball.

When is the soccer goalie fouled?

A goalkeeper is fouled when - A) He intentionally fouls another player inside or outside the goalbox B) He handles the ball after a deliberate back pass from his team mate or throw in C) He handles the ball outside the penalty box D) He moves off the goal line before a penalty is taken.

What balls are there in snooker?

A free ball in snooker is a ball that is elected by the incoming player to take the place of a ball that is legal to shoot, or "on". The reason for this election is that the opponent fouled, and left the incoming player "snookered" on every ball on. The free ball can be any ball on the table, and will be scored with the value of the ball it replaces. Any colored ball pocketed as a free ball will be respotted as usual.