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The team claiming the player from waivers is allowed to place the player in the minors if it so chooses.

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Q: If a player is claimed off hockey waivers can they be assigned to the minor league affiliate or do they have to join the NHL roster?
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In hockey who is the Ahl affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks?

During the 2009/10 season the Ducks did not have an affiliate in the AHL. They sent their prospects to various AHL teams, most notably the San Antonio Rampage. For the coming season their affiliate will be the Syracuse Crunch.

Which clubs are affiliated to the NHL?

Each NHL team has an affiliate team (or farm team) that plays in the American Hockey League. Many of the AHL teams are in the same city as their NHL affiliate. Many NHL teams are also affiliated with an East Coast Hockey League team.

One big hockey fan claimed to know the before the game. how does he know that?

he checks get like hockey people check

Did Baltimore have an ice hockey team?

Yes! Baltimore has had 2 ice hockey teams, both were minor league teams. The first was the Baltimore Skipjacks and they were an affiliate of the Washington Capitals. The team eventually moved to Portland ME and became the Pirates. Then there were the Baltimore Bandits who were a minor league affiliate of the Anahiem Mighty Ducks, but they then moved to Ohio.

What is the Cincinnati?

The Cincinnati Cyclones are a minor league professional hockey team. They are a member of the ECHL and are an affiliate of the Florida Panthers and Nashville Predators.

For who are the Hershey Bears an affiliate?

The Hershey Bears Hockey Club are affiliates of the two professional ice hockey teams: the team Washington Capitals (NHL) and the team Reading Royals (ECHL).

What is the Cincinnati Cyclones?

The Cincinnati Cyclones are a minor league professional hockey team. They are a member of the ECHL and are an affiliate of the Florida Panthers and Nashville Predators.

What NHL team is Knoxville Ice Bears affiliate?

The Knoxville Ice Bears are in the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) and have no direct affiliation with the NHL.

What are the Oklahoma hockey teams?

There are no NHL teams in Oklahoma, but there is an AHL team called the Oklahoma City Barons. They are the minor league affiliate for the Edmonton Oilers.

Was women's hockey going to be out of the Olympics?

Yes. Nations' hockey programs found that the numbers in wins for certain countries were unexpectedly decreasing and decided that women's hockey was going downhill. Representatives claimed that women's hockey simply needed some more time to develop. Women's hockey will continue to be an Olympic sport.

What does picked up on waivers mean in hockey?

If a team picks up a player that was placed on waivers, the player will become a member of the team's system. The team that the player left may have waived him to try to free up some salary cap room or send him down to a minor league team. Once the player goes on waivers, any team may claim him within 48 hours. The team losing the player does not receive compensation. A player can only be waived before being sent to the minor leagues if he has played three seasons after his first NHL contract or 180 NHL games. Should multiple teams claim the player, the team that finished with fewer points during the previous season will get the player. The player will go to the minor league team if he is not claimed by any team.

Founder of hockey and not ice hockey?

"Hockey" is a broad term assigned to a plethora of different sports (Ice, Field, Roller, etc.) Games similar to what we today call hockey were found in Egyptian stone carvings dating from before 1272BC. As such it is impossible to say who was the founder of hockey. The founders of the modern game of field hockey are the inaugural members of the Teddington Hockey Club founded in 1871 who introduced certain standards and rules of play.