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speed up

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awsom ty
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Q: If a player is about to shoot the puck applying more force will cause the puck to?
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What are the controls for pixel force left 4 dead?

1 player W=up A=left S=down D=right U=shoot H=shove 2 player arrow pad= movement 2=shove or shoot (not sure) 3= shove or shoot (not sure)

Why do you have to cock the slide back hard to get it to shoot jenning 9 mm modle 59?

Lorcin type pistols are striker fired which means they use no hammer for applying energy to the firing pin. Thus, you are applying force to the firing pin spring and the recoil spring when cocking the gun from a fired position.

How can I shrink a basketball shooting sleeve?

I'm no basketball player but to shrten your shooting distance is to put less force. have you heard the saying, The force is everything? Sometimes when you shoot a ball, you bend down low and jump. But my simplest answer is FORCE

What is the duration of Shoot the Piano Player?

The duration of Shoot the Piano Player is 1.33 hours.

What happens if you use a syringe to shoot air in to your arm?

That is an air embolism. If you shoot air into the bloodstream it can cause death. If you shoot it into a muscle it can cause an abcess.

When was Shoot the Piano Player created?

Shoot the Piano Player was created on 1960-11-25.

Do you have to know how to shoot a gun in the air force?


Can injured players shoot free throws?

If you are able to, you can. If you cannot shoot your free throws, someone else may shoot them for you, but you may not enter in that game again. Oftentimes the player will shoot the free throws and then be substituted out.

How do i shoot a finesse shot on fifa 10?

Switch player button + Shoot button

How basketball can be related to gravitational force?

Gravitational force can be related to basketball by the simple fact that gravity is what causes the ball to go in the basket (of course if you shoot it right) after you shoot and also allows you to dribble.

When was Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player created?

Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player was created in 1972-06.

Can Undercover Cops shoot people if force by Suspect to keep cover?