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if there is two outs and the error would have meant the third out, then no earned runs will be charged. In all other cases, any runner who reached base on an error will not be considered an earned run ( the batter will be an earned run if the error was not supposed to be the third out.) Any runner who reaches base on a hit or walk but advances a base because of an error will still be considered an earned run when the homerun is hit (including runners who already scored on errors)

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Q: If a player hits a home run and there was an error in the inning how many of the runs are earned?
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With two outs batter reaches base on an error next batter clean hit next batter hits home run how many runs are earned and why?

None of the runs are earned. The batter who would have been the third out of the inning reached on an error, so any runs that score in that inning after the error was made are unearned.

With a runner on 3b and 2 outs a pop foul ball is dropped by a fielder and the next pitch is singled scoring the runner at third. Is the run earned?

No, it is not an earned run. From the offical Major League Rule Book: Rule 10.16(a) Comment: The following are examples of earned runs charged to a pitcher: (1) Peter pitches and retires Abel and Baker, the first two batters of an inning. Charlie reaches first base on an error charged to a fielder. Daniel hits a home run. Edward hits a home run. Peter retires Frank to end the inning. Three runs have scored, but no earned runs are charged to Peter, because Charlie should have been the third out of the inning as resconstructed without the error.

Does a pitcher get an earned run if a batted ball hits a base runner but the hitter is safe?

No, if the hitter eventually scores in that inning, it would not be an earned run.

What player made the most hits in one inning?


What is a hit in baseball?

When a player hits the ball to get on base without an error in the field.

What Red Sox player had the most hits in one inning?

Carl Yastrzemski.

What baseball player earned his 3000 hits in the least amount of plate appearances?

Derek Jeter

Looking for the most hits in a 9 inning game by a player - not a team?

The record number of hits in a Major League Baseball player in a nine inning game is seven. The record was reached twice, once in 1892 and once in 1975.

What are two ways to get an earned run?

Runs are recorded as "earned" if the runner scoring does not reach base as the result of an error, and if the runner scores on a play other than an error. Also, the run would be "unearned" if scored after an error was made that would have otherwise ended the inning.For example:1) Runner reaches base on an error. If that runner scores, no matter how, the run would be unearned.2) Runner reaches base by some way other than an error (hit, walk, fielder's choice, etc.), and winds up on 3B. The next batter hits a ball to the shortstop, who makes an error, and the runner on 3B scores. The run would be unearned.3) Runner reaches base by some way other than an error. Next batter hits a ground ball and is thrown out, but the runner on 1B advances to 2B. Next batter hits a ground ball, but an error is made, and the runner on 2B advances to 3B (that would have been the second Out except for the error). The next batter hits a fly ball to deep right field. The right fielder catches the ball, batter out, but the runner on 3B tags up and scores on the play. The run would be unearned, because had the previous error not been committed, the caught fly ball would have been the third Out, and the runner would not have scored from 3B.Many times the official scorekeeper has to wait until the inning is over to determine if the runs scored were earned or unearned.For a more complete explanation of what's an earned run and what's not, go to the official rules on the Major League Baseball website,, Section 10.00, Rule 10.16.----------

What is an earned run in baseball?

A run that the pitcher has given up. Unearned runs are caused by errors. Anything else that scores that isn't the result of a error, is a earned run. Walks, hits, sacrifices, balks, etc. are all examples of what can cause a earned run.

Most hits in 1 inning by a single player?

3...last done by Johnny Damon in 2003

Who has the most hits by one player in a game?

Rennie Stennett, Pittsburgh, 1976 - 7 for 7 in 9 inning game.

Most hits by 1 player in same inning of baseball?

Five players have recorded 3 hits in a single inning. Tom Burns, Fred Pfeffer and Ned Williamson, all of the Chicago White Stockings, recorded 3 hits each in a single inning on September 6th, 1883. Gene Stephens, of the Boston Red Sox, recorded 3 hits in a single inning on June 18th, 1953. Johnny Damon, of the Boston Red Sox, recorded 3 hits in the 1st inning on June 27th, 2003, in a game against the Florida Marlins at Fenway Park.

What mlb player has the most hits in a single game?

Well, many players have the record. There is atleast a 20-way tie for hits in the AL for a 9 inning game, most recently by Ian Kinsler in 2009, which 6 hits. The NL is a 2 way tie for hits in a 9 inning game at 7. Johnny Burnett holds the all time record for hits in an extra innings game, getting 9 hits in an 18 inning game for the Indians in 1932

What is an unreturned serve in tennis called?

If the player is unable to hit the serve then it is an ace. But if the player hits the ball but does not return it, then it is a forced error.

If an error is committed in the inning and the run scores later in the inning is it an unearned run?

Not necessarily. Simply add up any combination of outs and errors totaling three. Any runs scoring after that point would be unearned runs. Above is true to an extent: The scorer usually determines whether the run would have scored even without the error. (Ex. Runner on second - pickoff attempt by catcher goes into centre field. Runner advances to 3rd and catcher is charged with an error. Next pitch is hit for a double. Scorer notes that runner would have scored from 2nd regardless of the error and the run is earned) In the case of a runner reaching base due to an error, then the run is unearned if he comes in to score as he should not have been on base in the first place. If the second baseman commits an error on the leadoff batter allowing him to reach 1st and the very next batter hits a homerun, it is 1 earned and 1 unearned run, and there are still 0 outs.

Which 2008 Red Sox player had 2 hits in one inning?

David Ortiz, I believe on August 12 th, 2008

Earned run average calculated in softball?

Earned runs are runs that are scored because of hits stolen bases. Un-earned runs are those where a runner gets on base because of an error and eventually scores. The earned run average (ERA) is calculated by taking the total number of earned runs scored against a pitcher and dividing that by the total number of innings that pitcher pitched. The lower the ERA the better the pitcher, usually.

How do you determine percentages in stats such as batting average and ERA?

Batting average is hits divided by at bats (hits + outs + reached on error). ERA is earned runs divided by innings pitched, then multiplied by nine (in other words, the average number of earned runs given up over nine innings). For more info: baseball-almanac reaching on error counts as an out so. Remember BB(walks), sac bunts, sac flies and HPB do not count as plate appearences.

What is the Most at bats in an inning?

3 at least one player has gotten 3 hits in an inning. i think most runs in an inning is 17, the last would be an out, so at most there could be 19 hits barring something weird, that's two for everone and three for the leadoff batter. somehow Chicago 1953 comes to mind but im drunk. pete rose is god

How do you fix Maplestory error code?

It depends on what error code you get. Take the code and google it. That should get you some hits.

Does a batter get credited with an RBI if he hits into an error and a run scores?


MLB 9 inning game with the most hits?

According to, the team with the most hits in a single MLB game was Cleveland in 1932. They had 33 hits in an 18 inning game vs. Philadelphia. The most hits in a 9-inning game was in 1992 by Milwaukee against the Toronto Blue Jays, in which they had 31 hits and beat the Blue Jays 22-2.

Who are the players to have 3 hits in same inning?


How many hits and runs make an inning in baseball?

It doesnt matter how many hits or runs the team gets what matters when the team gets the 3 out is the end of the inning