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If the complete foot or hand lands in the opponent court while the ball is still in play, then it is a foul; and, a partial foot crossing while landing after hitting the ball is not a foul. Also, a player making the second contact can cross below the net but outside the 30ft court of the opponent, or outside the pole hoisting the net, and hit the ball so it comes to his/her own court for a teammate to make the third contact; this is not foul; make sure that the second contact player does not go through the opponent court while doing so; he/she is allowed to only cross outside the opponent court.

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Q: If a player crossing the center line while playing volleyball is it a faul?
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a player who is not playing a center position crossing the transverse line before the whistle has been blown for the center pass

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It doesn't matter as long as they don't touch the net.

What is a center line in volleyball?

The center line. Thats it. But it's a foul if a player crosses the center line because they are in the other team's territory. Hope this helps xxxx :P

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yes, me being a travel volleyball player would know this. you can, but if you shake the net, then they might call you on this. hope i was help!

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