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It Is Fair As Long As The Batter Swings

And They Hit The Ball... As Long As It Is Inside The Foul Lines

The Ball Is In Play.

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Q: If a pitcher throws a ball that hit the dirt and the batter swings and hits it is a fair ball?
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When a batter swings at a pitch and misses is?

Baseball is a game of balls and strikes: the pitcher throws the ball, and the batter tries to hit it. If the batter swings at the ball and misses, that is called a strike. A batter gets three strikes (three efforts to swing at the ball) before being called "out."

What is is pitcher?

A pitcher is the person who pitches, or throws, the ball to the batter.

What is a pitcher?

A pitcher is the person who pitches, or throws, the ball to the batter.

What is the name of the person that throws the ball in baseball?

The pitcher throws the ball to the batter in baseball

What if pitcher hits batter?

If the pitcher hits the batter on a pitch then the batter is awarded first base. However if the batter swings at the ball and it hits her then it is a strike

Which the player in a baseball game who throws the ball at the batter?


What does beaned when playing baseball?

When a pitcher deliberately throws a ball at a batter's head, that is a bean ball. If he hits the batter's head, he beaned the batter.

Who is the person who throws the baseball?

Pitcher? All positions can throw the ball except the batter

A baseball pitcher throws a fastball at 42 meters per second If the batter is 18 meters from the pitcher approximately how much time does it take for the ball to reach the batter?

It would take the ball .26 sec. to get from the pitcher to the batter.

Who does the catcher throw to after a strikeout?

The catcher throws to thr pitcher or if he misses the ball he throws it first to get tjr batter out because if if the batter strikes out and the catcher misses the ball the runner can run.

Pitcher throws ball and ball hits ground first bounces up and batter hits it. is this a hit?

No. You fool.

Why is the pitcher considered the most important defensive player on a baseball team?

Because where and how the pitcher throws the ball has a lot to do with where and how hard the batter hits it. If the pitcher is throwing the ball on the corners of the plate, moving the ball up and down in the strike zone, and changing speeds generally the batter will not hit as hard as the pitcher who throws the ball, no matter how hard, over the middle of the plate. The defense will usually set its positions based on how a pitcher is going to pitch to a batter. If the defense plays a batter to the opposite field and the pitcher throws a pitch on the outside corner at the knees, the batter is usually going to hit that ball to the opposite field, maybe sometimes up the middle. If the defense is playing the batter to the opposite field and the pitcher throws the ball belt high over the inside half of the plate, chances are the batter will hit the ball very hard and pull the ball away from where the defense is setup.

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