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Q: If a pitcher pitched a perfect game in a professional baseball game how many batters would he catch?
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What is considered a 'perfect game' in baseball?

No baserunnerIf a pitcher faces the minimum number of batters for all the innings played (which means it could go to extra innings) without allowing a baserunner, he has pitched a perfect game: no hits, no walks, no batters hit-by-pitch, no batters reach on an error. Also, the pitcher cannot be substituted.

Which mlb pitcher pitched a perfect game on LSD?

dock Ellis. dock Ellis pitched a no hitter in 1970, not a perfect game. he walked 8 batters, loaded the bases twice. a perfect game involves facing 27 batters in 9 innings. doc Ellis did not do this, but he did pitch a no hitter, winning 2 - 0.

Who pitched the first perfect Major League Baseball game?

The first Major League perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

How many perfect games have been pitched in?

there have only ever been 18 perfect games in baseball history.

How did Philadelphia ace Roy Halladay succeed in throwing 20 perfect games in Major League Baseball?

He only pitched one perfect game, It was the 20th perfect game ever pitched in MLB history.

What major league baseball team has the most perfect games pitched against?


How many batters would a pitcher face if he pitched a perfect game?

In a 9 inning game, 27, 3 per inning.

Who has the most perfect games in baseball history?

nobody has ever pitched more than one.

How many balls are lost in a professional baseball game?

Every ball pitched is taken out and replaced.

How many no hitters pitched in Major League Baseball playoffs?

There have been two no hitters pitched in the MLB playoffs: Don Larsen's perfect game in game 5 of the 1956 World Series; And Roy Halladay's No Hitter (28 batters) on October, 6th 2010 in game one of the NLDS.

Who pitched a perfect baseball game on October 8 1956?

Don Larsen of the new york yankee's

How do you use pitched in a sentence?

The boy pitched a perfect game last weekend. That man is pitching as fast as lightning. At baseball practice, I pitched for almost an hour. That man pitched in the major leagues for 22 years.

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