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If the batter was swinging it is a strike...if the batter was not swinging, then they are deemed to have been "hit by pitch" and are awarded first base.

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It depends. If the batter tried to make contact with the ball, it is a strike. If the batter's hand was in the strike zone, it is a strike. Otherwise, it is a hit by pitch.

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Yes, it is a "hit by pitched ball".

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Q: If a pitched ball hits the batters hand and also the bat and he is not swinging is it a hit batsman?
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bunt : to strike or push with horns or head, same as "butt" It can also mean to hit a Baseball without swinging the bat, but I don't think that is what you're looking for!

What is an extra cricket run called?

it depends.if ... the bowler bowls it and the batsman misses the ball and the keeper also misses it and the batsman make a run then they (the runs) are called byes.

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In cricket what is a mark made by the batsman to indicate his position?

the mark a batsman makes is to show him where middle stump is so he knows where to stand. he can also put his mark on off stump or leg stump.

Why is a sightscreen used in cricket?

A sightscreen is used to prevent the eyes of the batsman from the shining light coming from the facing side. So that, the batsman can see the ball clearly when the bowler delivers it. This also prevents any type of unnecessary activity in that direction. This helps the batsman to concentrate to face the ball. It helps batsmen in focusing the eyesight to the ball.

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2 batsmen on 94 each 7 to win off 3 balls fall of wicket is not allowed both reach 100 how?

Batsman 1 hits the 1st ball behind the keeper and the ball hits bat pad fielder helmet which is behind the keeper, so batsman 1 gets 5 runs and in the next ball batsman 1 scored another one run. So batsman 1 reached 100 runs and he crossed the pitch. Now 1 ball, 1 run to win and batsman 2 is about to strike. He hits the amazing six which makes him score the century and also team won the match. So in 3 balls both the batsman scored their century without fall of wicket. I hope above is the right answer. Thank u Regards, Karthick Batsman 1 hits the 1st ball to 4 runs in the next ball batsman 1 scored 3 runs but umpire declares one run short now batsman 1 complete his century and batsman 2 is on strike and team needs one run to win Now 1 ball, 1 run to win and batsman 2 is about to strike. He hits the amazing six which makes him score the century and also team won the match. Regards, Sanjit

What does sundries mean in cricket?

Sundries (also called extras) are runs scored in cricket that have not come off the batsman's bat. Sundries are added to the teams score, but not the individual batsman. Examples of sundries are: Byes, leg byes, no balls, wides and penalty runs.