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Don't know because it isn't a matter of whether he made par or not, it is how he does compared to all the other players. If you have the time to look up all of the tournaments and the payouts, you can figure it, but it would take a lot of work!

If he finished at par at the 2007 US Open, he would have won!

There was an article on this a few months back in one of the Golf mags. If a player always shot par he would do pretty poorly on the PGA tour (I can't exactly remember but he would keep his card and finish abot 110th I seem to recall) However, in the Majors he would be a stud and consistantly finish in the top 5-10 and win a few!


Regardless of having a par or not, the only thing matter is to win above all players.

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Q: If a golfer on the mens PGA tour finished each tournament at par how much would he have earned?
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