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A direct free kick.

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Q: If a goalkeeper carries the ball out of his box is it a direct free kick or indirect?
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Is the goalkeeper holding the ball more than 6 seconds a direct or indirect kick?

It will be a indirect free kick.

Is threw the ball an indirect or direct object?

indirect object

Does the direct object come before the indirect object?

No, the indirect object comes first.Example: "Billy hit me the ball." "Me" is the indirect object, and "ball" is the direct object. If you wrote "Billy hit the ball to me," "ball" is still the direct object, but there is no indirect object. "Me" becomes the object of the preposition "to" in the adverb phrase "to me."

What is a example sentence with a indirect object and a direct object?

Greg threw his friend a beach ball (friend is the indirect object and ball is the direct object)

What is the penalty if the goalkeeper handles the ball from a throw in in his penalty area?

The goalkeeper is permitted to handle a ball received directly from an opponent's throw-in. If the throw is from a teammate (or himself), an indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team.

Whats the difference between indirect objects and direct objects?

A direct object receives the action of the verb, and an indirect object receives the direct object. Example: Maria kicked Jim the ball. "Ball" is receiving the action, "kicked". It is getting "kicked", so it is the direct object. "Jim" is receiving the "ball"- so "Jim" is the indirect object.

What is the indirect object your friend tossed the ball to you?

There is no indirect object in the sentence, "Your friend tossed the ball to you."the noun 'ball' is the direct object of the verb 'tossed'The pronoun 'you' is the object of the preposition 'to'If the sentence were written, "Your friend tossed you the ball.", the pronoun 'you' is the indirect object of the verb 'tossed'. The noun 'ball' is still the direct object of the verb 'tossed'.

Is deliberate handling a direct or indirect free kick offense?

Deliberate handling is a direct free kick offense. However, a goalkeeper who handles the ball within his own penalty area, having received it directly from a teammate's pass, teammate's throw-in, or at any time for longer than 6 seconds, will have committed an indirect-free-kick infraction.

What penalty for a goalie who play the ball with his hand from deliberately kicks to him by a teamate?

A goalkeeper may not handle a ball that has been deliberately kicked to him from a teammate. If the goalkeeper does handle the ball after is was deliberately kicked to him from a teammate, the opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick from the place where the ball was at the moment it was touched (or on the goal area line parallel to the goal line nearest to the spot of the ball if it is within the goal area).

Is it a direct free kick if the goalkeeper handles the ball outside the box?

Yes, it is treated as deliberate handling.

Is it a penalty if a player kicks the ball back to the goal keeper?

It is legal for a teammate to kick the ball to their own goal keeper. The goalkeeper would not be allowed to use their hands. If they do so, then it would be an indirect free kick for the opponents at the location the goalkeeper touched the ball. A penalty kick would not be awarded.

What is the pass back rule in soccer?

The so-called "Back Pass" rule means that the goalkeeper cannot handle the ball, even within his own penalty area, if it was deliberately kicked to him by a teammate. If the goalkeeper violates this rule, an indirect free kick is awarded to the attacking team at the point where the goalkeeper handled the ball. Note that a penalty kick can never be awarded for a goalkeeper's handling.

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