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If the goal keeper is sent off they may not be substituted for.

The team has 2 choices. They may name a player, who is already on the field, as the goal keeper or, if they have substitutions remaining, they may substitute a player for another goal keeper.

One player on the field of play must be the designated goal keeper. Play may not continue without one.

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Q: If a goal keeper gets sent off who would be the goal keeper?
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If a goal keeper gets sent off who replaces them?

If his team has substitutions remaining, they may substitute in a new goal keeper for a field player. If not or if they choose not to, then a field player must become the goal keeper.

Can a team not play with a soccer goalie?

No they can't there has to be a goal keeper, if a keeper gets sent off and their are no subs left to bring a keeper from the bench then one of the outfield players have to act as goal keeper instead

Can a goal keeper be sent off?


If The ball is in play goalkeeper hold the ball an opponent standing outside the goal line then the goalkeeper strike to the opponent violently with ball what decision taken by the referee?

"Outside the goal line" would mean the player is off the field of play entirely? This would mean the keeper threw it off the field first and the restart would be a corner kick. It is not a foul, which must be on the field, but it would be misconduct. The goal keeper would be sent off for violent conduct. I believe the question you wrote was worded wrongly and is not what you intended to ask. I think you meant to ask, "What if the player is outside of the penalty area?" The restart would be a direct free kick, not a penalty kick, as the infraction occurred where the ball struck the player. Serious foul play would apply and the goal keeper would still be sent off.

What is the penalty for a goal keeper handling the ball outside the 18 yard box?

There will be a direct free kick from where they picked it up. If, in the opinion of the referee, they have denied an obvious goal-scoring opportunity then the goal keeper will also be sent off. It is important to note that a goalkeeper outside of his own penalty area must obey the rules that all other field players must follow, except for the equipment exceptions outlined in Law 4.

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