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becauseof sex

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Q: If a football goalpost was taken apart into it's 4 pieces and laid straight across a field how long would it be?
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A fracture is straight across the bone?

A simple fracture occurs along one line, splitting the bone into two pieces.

What shape made out of straight pieces is strongest or most rigid?

The most rigid shape that you can make out of straight pieces is the triangle.

What is the largest number of pieces of pizza you could get with 5 straight cuts?

The largest number of pieces is 10. Each time you cut it across you divide the pizza into 2. dividing it by 2, 5 times gives us 10.

How many pieces can you get when you draw 4 straight lines through a circle?

I managed to get 11 pieces.

How can you cut a pizza into 29 pieces with 7 straight cuts?

Cut a pizza into 2 using one straight cut. Stack the pieces and make a straight cut: you now have 22 = 4 pieces from 2 cuts. Stack these and make a straight cut: you now have 23 = 8 pieces from 3 cuts. Continue. After 7 cuts you can have 27 = 128 pieces. You can reduce the number of pieces to 29 if, after the fourth cut, you stack and cut only 11 pieces and thereafter cut just one each time. There are other options which give the same result.

How many pieces of gear does a football player wear?


If you have a normal cake What is the maximum number of pieces you can make with only 4 straight cuts?

You would have 8 pieces of cake. A: I can make ten pieces.

How can you cut a pizza into 11 pieces with 4 straight cuts?

A pizza can be cut into eleven pieces with 4 straight cuts if an X is cut, then the rest of the pizza is cut starting from the right and working to the left in four straight lines.

What is the largest number of pieces that can be made with eight straight cuts?


How to cut a pizza into 22 pieces with 6 straight cuts?

A Knife

What is a graph that is made up of pieces of straight lines?

A line graph.

How can you divide a cake into eight equal pieces with only three straight cuts?

two straight vertical cross slices and one straight horizontal slice

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